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An ninh: The country held a general election on July King Norodom Sihamoni last week invited all the elected lawmakers to attend the opening session of the parliament, but Sam Rainsy announced on Friday that the CNRP would not attend the session if no appropriate solution to the alleged poll irregularities was found. He also warned another mass protest. The leaders of the two parties had held two rounds of talks earlier this week, aiming at finding a way to break through the political impasse, but failed to reach any major agreement. Hun Sen has said that his party has enough lawmakers to override any opposition parliamentary boycott and form a new government.

He said, according to the constitution, a new government would be formed by a 50 percent plus one majority, or 63 lawmakers, in the new parliament. They will be back in Phnom Penh on September King Norodom Sihamoni last week invited all the elected lawmakers to attend the opening session of the parliament on Sept. According to a royal decree signed by His Majesty the King this morning, Samdech Techo Hun Sen has a duty to propose the new government members to demand a vote of confidence from the National Assembly. Samdech Techo Hun Sen also vowed to do his best to bring more development and prosperity to the country.

Foreign ambassadors to Cambodia and representatives of international organizations were also present on the occasion. Addressing to the opening ceremony, the monarch congratulated the newly-elected lawmakers and expressed his optimism that the 5th legislature of the NA will fulfill its duties successfully for the supreme benefit of the people and the nation. His Majesty the King also called for high national unity and solidarity based on the democratic principles and the rule of law being implemented since After his opening speech, the King and all the 68 newly-elected lawmakers and the foreign ambassadors present at the official opening ceremony took a photo session.

He further explained that there was no political stalemate since the amendment of the Constitution in , according to which the formation of a new government requires the percent plus one majority, or 63 lawmakers in the new National Assembly. The structure of the NA and the new government will be decided tomorrow. Keat Chhon and H.

The youngest new lawmakers are H. Hun Many and H. Serge Mostura at the Royal Palace on Sept. His Majesty the King gave a warm welcome to the presence of H. The French diplomat told the Cambodian monarch that the French government would continue strengthening the friendship and cooperation in all sectors with Cambodia. He also pledged to make the tie of connection and friendship between the two countries stronger during his ambassadorial mission. His Majesty the King expressed his profound gratitude to France for having assisted Cambodia and also hoped that the relationship and friendship between the two nations would be doubly enhanced.

On the following day, the Cambodian monarch received a visiting delegation of Chinese investors led by Mr.


On the occasion, Mr. Lu Junqing offered the King tons of milled rice as contribution to his humanitarian activities. Cambodia achieved an economic growth of an average of Samdech Techo Hun Sen thus called on the Cambodian people to enhance the culture of non violence, patience and tolerance so as to maintain peace, stability and social order. Cambodia has signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty, become party to many international treaties and conventions on arms race reduction, and sent its forces to join the UN peacekeeping missions in South Sudan, Chad, Central Africa, Syria, Lebanon, and the country was ready to send more forces to Mali in the near future.

Sok An received here on Friday visiting H. On the occasion, H.

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In reply, H. APRC is an independent, international and non-governmental body. It is founded on the principles of inclusiveness, non-interference and consent. It operates on the basis of silent diplomacy and the individual and collective good offices of its members. George Yeo, former Singaporean Foreign Minister. In the meeting, H. Sok An explained his guest in a great detail about the overall electoral process in July in which national and international observers have expressed their support for the election results.

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George Yeo said that a new Cambodian Government will continue to develop the country and that this post-electoral crisis will pass. As usual, Cambodian people go to pagodas to offer foodstuff to the monks. They believe that the monks will then convey the offering to their late ancestors. This religious festival, which falls on the fifteenth day of Kan Ben, is to celebrate this year on Oct. Based on the aforementioned situation and in order to maintain security and social stability, the Ministry of Interior advised local authorities at all levels to educate and disseminate the real current situation to the local people and to ask them to continue to be patient and calm.

The Ministry of Interior also urged local authorities to take strict measures to prevent any incitement to create social chaos. The purpose of this one-month long expo is to contribute to further strengthening the ties of friendship between Cambodia and China, especially to mark the 55thanniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries and the Cambodia-China Friendship Year, said Okhna Cao Yunder, Board Chairman of Khmer First Investment Holding Group Co.

By Thach Phanarong. At A foreigner who is a human right observer hit by a slingshot bullet at Wat Phnom where he was observing the strikers there about a moment ago. People may know who did it. Prak Chan Thul: IN A brutal show of force, dozens of police and thugs dressed in civilian clothes descended on a peaceful vigil at Wat Phnom last night, and set upon the roughly 20 protesters with slingshots, batons and electric prods. At least six people were injured, while an additional five were treated at Calmette Hospital for slight wounds.

An unknown number of people — journalists and rights workers among them — sustained injuries from electric prods and marbles fired from slingshots by men in facemasks who appeared to be under police protection.. Several witnesses said the group appeared to be intent on catching high-profile activist Tep Vanny, who ran into a car when the clash began and was allowed through the gates of the US Embassy — only after the windows of the car had been smashed in by the attackers.

Her mother, Si Heap, was among those badly wounded after a longan-sized marble was slung between her eyes. Doctors were not immediately available for comment.

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Several journalists and rights workers were shocked with the electric prods and hit with marbles as they ran away, while a Post journalist had his camera smashed. According to Chorvy, a US Embassy vehicle attempted to enter the area but was forced to turn around by police. Stunning as the brutality was, however, a marked lack of police presence chilled many.

Unlike at the incidents at Stung Meanchey and the Kbal Thnal overpass, few — if any — officers were sent to the scene after violence broke out. But after his worst poll result in 15 years and a series of demonstrations drawing tens of thousands of people, experts say the former Khmer Rouge fighter-turned-premier must now realise that something has to change. Several rounds of talks between Hun Sen and opposition leader Sam Rainsy over the past week failed to break the deadlock, raising fears of a protracted dispute and further mass protests.

The two sides agreed to seek a non-violent solution to the impasse and made a vague pledge to set up a mechanism to bring about election reform. On that, the premier has refused to budge. His protest ended Saturday after military police expelled him from the pagoda where he was holding the hunger strike. Experts say that ultimately the emergence of a more vocal and emboldened opposition should be positive for a country that has been run almost single-handedly by Hun Sen for 28 years.

The opposition has rejected the tally, alleging widespread vote irregularities. The question now, say experts, is how much ground Hun Sen will be willing to cede to the opposition, and how his rivals will use their new-found political clout.

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They have to act proactively. But if it strikes a deal with Hun Sen that leaves the strongman in power, then it could face a backlash from its supporters who appear hungry for change. His government is regularly accused of ignoring human rights and suppressing political dissent. But experts say the year-old premier — who has vowed to rule until he is 74 — is unlikely to relinquish his grip of power yet. Hun Sen has the habit of pointing an accusing finger at his rivals and opponents. The man to the left had left his family to join an armed guerrilla movement in the jungle of Cambodia as a teenager, whilst the man to the right had also left his homeland at the age of sixteen for family reasons [his father — Sam Sary — had been executed, allegedly on Sihanouk's order] and to pursue his education in France.

Trained and indoctrinated in the jungle school of real politik and, battled hardened by the brutalities of the battle fields of the country, the Vietnamese had little qualms in treating him as one of their own. One of his memorable assignments as Finance Minister was chasing tax evaders by boat! I believe he was voted the best Finance Minister during that brief post by at least one prominent Asian opinion institution at that time.

It was no big deal that France has lost one of her most precocious talents as that country has so many talents anyway. September 20 The mortality rate of children under 5 years old has declined by two-thirds since What Cambodia still lacks, however, is democracy. More than half of its resurgent population of 15 million is under 23, and the only ruler these Cambodians have known is Hun Sen, who rose to power in with the backing of Vietnam, which was occupying the country after ousting the Khmer Rouge. True, his foreign patron has changed over the past 28 years. That may be changing.

Fueled by youth support, a democratic opposition party led by veteran activist Sam Rainsy stunned the regime in parliamentary elections in July. All summer, the opposition has pressed its case for an independent investigation of the election, through the courts and through peaceful demonstrations in Phnom Penh.

Hun Sen, characteristically, has deployed his police and military to intimidate his people, leading to a clash last Sunday in which one civilian was shot dead by police and many others were injured. Less characteristically, he has agreed to talk with Sam Rainsy. At the moment, Sam Rainsy is negotiating with the regime — while pressuring it through demonstrations and a threatened boycott of the parliamentary session set to begin Monday.

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In the struggle, Hun Sen will undoubtedly count on his old friends in Beijing. The United States must stand no less firmly for a democratic process. Since it was installed by Hanoi as its proxy to rule Cambodia over 34 years, the CPP now faces a new reality for its invincible power for the first time. After the UN sponsored election in , the CPP has continued to hold the power in the government without substantial opposition in the parliament, and now the balance of power has changed even the new government is expected to be the same as the current one.

Even though the CPP has controlled nearly all aspects of the power structures throughout the country including the NEC and the CCC and massive efforts and extravagant spending on the election campaigns, the CPP has lost its 23 seats to the CNRP based on the current unfair election standard. But if it allowed the election to be free and fair, it would certainly lose its majority in the parliament undoubtedly. As the King faced an unpleasant choice to preside over the first parliamentarian session without the participation from opposition, who represent the majority of the people, has added another mess into the current crisis.

After two rounds of negotiation, the two parties have nearly reached some tentative agreements of reform in the national institutions most importantly the NEC, then they seemed step backward from those common ground. The first session of the National Assembly with only one party and without the quorum required by the constitution is very unusual and a clumsy move by the CPP and the Monarchy. Constitutionally, the King represents and guarantee the national unity and reconciliation, while the national reconciliation has not been found yet and the King steps in to side with one party in a dispute is totally unacceptable to all people.

This is how the King is being used by the CPP as a legitimate shield to cover up its corrupted power— the undeserved power they plundered from the hearts and the will of the people. This is the only way the CPP has done over the past 20 years in order to grip its power in a long run. Now the post-election crisis has reach its final stage that needed some compromises from both parties, especially from the CPP which has shown no sign of compromise even delaying the first session of the new legislature that required by the Constitution for at least new elected members, but the CPP has chosen to go alone with its 68 dubious members who won the election by trickery.

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