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Change your mouse cursor in Windows with these quick tips

Actually there is not very good post about the mouse pointer in Mac, that is why I write this blog post. You can use some 3-party software such as Mouse locator to creates a green crosshair of sorts around the cursor making it easy to identify. I did not test this way but you can try as you like.

I like github. I found an open source software called Mousecape in github here , which allows the customization of cursors for Mac OS X If you do not want to create the icon by yourself, just use the default cape file in the source. It works great! If you've closed the Accessibility preference pane, go ahead and open the pane once more instructions are available a few paragraphs above. Just below the Cursor size slider , you adjusted previously is the Shake mouse pointer to locate item. Place a checkmark in the box to enable the feature.

How to increase your mouse pointer size on macOS Sierra

With the checkbox filled in, give your mouse a shake or shake your finger across your trackpad. The faster you shake, the larger the cursor becomes. Stop shaking, and the cursor returns to its usual size. A horizontal shake seems to work best for increasing the cursor size.

Instructions to change the cursor icon in Mac?

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How To Change Your Mouse Cursor on Mac and Windows

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How to Change Cursor Size in Mac OS X: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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