Mac mini memory upgrade early 2006

In August the Mac mini finally went to the Core 2 Duo, other specs and upgrade compatibility remained unchanged.

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The optical drive changed to a SATA interface. A further update in October was mainly a bump to the processor speed, but it also allowed the machine to take up to 8GB of RAM in 2 x 4GB modules. Specs for the standard model are here , and the server model here. In June a new model was launched with a redesigned, smaller case.

The external power adapter from earlier models was also done away with. The redesign of the case also allows much easier access to the memory sockets than earlier models - RAM is replaceable by the home user now rather than requiring professional fitting. Apple specs here server version here. This model was also notable with the dropping of the DVD drive, making this the first non-server Mac apart from the MacBook Air to be sold without an internal optical drive. The space can be used to fit a secondary hard drive or SSD, although unless the model is supplied with a drive in the second bay there will not be a mounting bracket for one.

Server version here. In October introduced a new model of the standard and server Mac mini. The standard version was released with a 2. The server in a 2. Apple specs here for the standard model and here for the server.

Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini

The next revision came out in October , with a 1. Changes to upgrades were major, with the RAM being soldered onto the logic board and unupgradeable after purchase. These models can take a 2. Despite the very similar external design to the previous models, these machines are considerably more difficult to open to work upon, and extremely non-standard screw types have been used. The Mac mini form factor is instantly recognisable due to its small size about the size of two CD jewel cases stacked on top of each other.

The first major change within the range regarding upgrades was in March , which changed the type of RAM and the type of optical drive used. The March model has a bus speed of MHz, earlier machine have a slower speed. The third notable change was June , a redesigned case makes memory a user installable part. This model dropped the DVD drive and has a thunderbolt port.

It has dropped the FireWire port from the previous model, and replaced the single Thunderbolt port with two Thunderbolt 2 ports. Mac mini's produced up to March can accept up to 2GB of memory. RAM in this machine must be installed in matched pairs - i. Suitable for Mac minis with a bus speed less than Mhz. The model released June is the same in its stock configuration, but this model running The redesigned case makes user memory installation a much simpler task.

Memory should be installed in pairs. The October model cannot have its RAM upgraded after purchase due to the modules being soldered in place. Any fitting information below is intended as a guide before purchase ONLY, when fitting these products you should refer to the original manual for your computer, and any instructions that come with the item. Please see this page for more information, or here for information on our fitting service. For models prior to June , Apple recommends professional installation for the RAM - to protect you and your investment.

For models after June we recommend user installation. Instructions can be found in chapter 3 of your user guide - downloadable here pdf. The Mac minis made up until July came with either a slot loading Combo or Superdrive optical mechanism. Models after July do not have an optical drive. The optical drive on the Mac mini is not classified by Apple as a user installed part. Mac Upgrades can install drives for you, please contact us for details.

You can purchase the drive for installation yourself, but Mac Upgrades cannot provide instructions or support for the install process. This is generally a laptop drive which means that they have a lower capacity, and higher cost, than those for a normal desktop computer. You can also fit an additional hard drive or SSD into Mac minis.

Later models can either take two drives by default server models or can fit a second hard drive using a mounting kit. The model is significantly harder to work upon than previous models. It has a single bay for a 2. Professional installation is highly recommended as your warranty may be voided by an incorrect installation. If you don't want to fit a new hard drive yourself, you can take advantage of the MacUpgrades Installation Service. Add the installation service from the list below to your cart along with your chosen hard drive.

We can also clone your existing hard drive onto the new one, simply add the Clone Original Hard Drive service below to your cart. Once you have booked the service, send your machine to us, we will carry out the work and return it to you. Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble.

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How to Upgrade Intel Mac mini RAM (Polycarbonate):

What the market wanted was expandable and affordable compared with a Windows PC. Here are a few thoughts on the experiences and lessons learned. If the Mac mini is dead, what will replace it? To minimize the possibility of damage to the computer components due to static discharge, it's important to wear an antistatic wrist strap while you work with your computer's memory. Mac mini models have different memory RAM installation requirements. Choose your Mac mini model for more information. Mac mini does not have user-installable RAM.

You can configure the memory in your Mac mini when you purchase it. Don't connect the power cord or turn on your Mac mini until you replace the bottom cover. Never operate your Mac mini without the cover in place. After you install the memory, confirm that your Mac mini sees the new memory. If the reported memory size isn't correct or if your Mac mini repeatedly plays three tones, it may be having trouble recognizing a memory module. If this happens, shut down your Mac mini, verify the module specifications against the requirements for your Mac mini model, and then repeat the memory installation instructions to make sure that the modules are installed correctly.

If you still have issues, remove the memory and consult the support information that came with the memory, or contact the vendor who provided the memory.

Upgrade or install memory in your Mac mini Learn how to remove or install memory into your Mac mini computer.