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We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Reference Well, you need to follow the download directions given in the post above, before clicking on the links. If you still have any difficulties, then try a different web browser, another computer, or Internet connection. Why not — what happened exactly? Just tested and all those old links still download OK for us here. However they are all unsupported and may not work on newer operating systems. Hello folks, i already had downloaded Premiere Pro CS4 from this site. But that contained a virus.

So i was confused and i downloaded it again. But my anti-virus showed a malware in both the files. It could only warn me.

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From there i uninstalled it. If you think you have this virus in your pc, Do one thing. See if there is a folder by the name of Microsoft in C: If you see this, then your pc is infected. So far there are few topics that tell you how remove it. But that is different story. So i downloaded the same file for Western Europe region.

From the Second link. That was fine. But beware of Creative Suite 4 Trials English , the first link. I bet the people who are using this link, even their pc is already infected by this virus. It just multiplies and multiplies.

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Rendering your exe file useless, the PC will say it is a corrupted file. I am trying to warn the people and i think you should re-upload those files too. Sorry, you are mistaken. You may well have had a virus on your computer, but you definitely did not get it from any downloads on this page, or from anywhere on our website.

We are not a pirate site, and do not offer cracks or hacks of Adobe software… We have never offered illegal or unauthorized downloads, and never will. Everything linked here is absolutely authentic and legitimate. End of story.

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Hello ProDesign, thank you for accepting my post. I totally agree; you are not a pirate site. I am not questioning your authenticity and your work ethics. I am on your side too. I am aware a user can get a setup file from anywhere, especially if its a warez site. But i downloaded your Premiere Pro CS4 file because it can run on a 32bit machine. After CS4 and above, it is available only for a 64bit machine.

I am so sorry; i forgot to mention, the bootstrapper file which is only 1. Please download all parts.

But i downloaded from the File 2 link. Then it downloads the file which is 1. But run and install it and then run the program. That is when it creates a file by the name desktoplayer. The anti-virus is not able to detect it, only after it is created would it notify the user. If left unchecked it will multiply again and again. After restoring my PC over a months time. My system is clean, i use an anti-virus especially only for USB and i also use a Anti-executable program.

Then i have a Restoring Program too. Which allows me to restore to previous a clean state any time.

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The Anti-executable will notify before running any exe file. And i remember the name of that infected file. But now my system is clean. I thought i would give you and other users a heads-up. Please just do not scan it, install and then run the exe file. Then check your c: If u see that, then your PC is infected too.

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That virus is not devastating, but it multiplies over time. Any small program will be infected, and will render it useless. I think you should install that file and see for yourself. All the. Nobody else has ever had any problem at all. Not a single one of them has ever had any issue. Very Important You need to have a free Adobe account and be logged into it to use the links below, as Adobe sets a session cookie on your browser that allows you to access the direct download links.

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Adobe recommends temporarily turning off any surfing restrictions you might have running, like site or cookie blocking, firewalls or antivirus software. Just make sure you have plenty of disk space available.

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Then follow the product installation instructions here. Share this: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: File 1. File 2. File 3. File 4. Dreamweaver CS4. InDesign CS4. Flash Pro CS4. Contribute CS4. Acrobat 8 Pro.

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