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When an USB flash drive becomes inaccessible on your Mac, what should you do? You may want to format the USB flash drive on your Mac to solve this issue. Actually, when an USB flash drive gets unrecognized on your Mac, formatting is the best solution to solve this issue. Just download and run Mac data recovery software to scan the unreadable USB flash drive, it will find all existing and deleted data from the USB flash drive.

You can easily save all the data in the USB flash drive. Then the USB flash drive is able to be reused.

7 Ways to Fix "Flash Drive Not Recognized" Problem

It is like you get a brand new USB flash drive. AweEraser for Mac is pretty simple to use. Step 3: Repair Word Fixes. Duplicate File Remover Scans and removes duplicate documents, photos, videos, mp3 files File Eraser Shreds confidential files safely. Duplicate Photo Remover Regain space by removing duplicate and similar pictures. Drive Wipe Erase storage devices data securely without leaving any traces.

These errors when you connect the USB drive are really scary!!

Solved: USB Flash Drive Not Showing Up On Mac - EaseUS

These errors generally appear when an external device is connected to the computer and the operating system is unable to recognize it or read it. However, such issues can arise in both Windows and Mac systems. It may be an initial indication of your flash drive corruption and losing access to data in it. Hence, try to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Part 1. Fix USB Flash Drive Not Showing Up on Mac

Here, you will find few methods to fix such not recognizing USB error. But, before going ahead with the troubleshooting process, you need to secure your data. Yes, in the process of fixing the USB error there are chances of losing or corrupting your data. Hence, before proceeding with this process, recover your data and save on a secure drive. The entire recovery process takes few minutes:.

Once, your data from flash drive is securely stored, you can now proceed with the troubleshooting methods. As said earlier, both Windows and Mac will have different methods.


Read through the below procedure:. Every computer has an inbuilt mode of scanning any USB drive attached to it.

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Step 3 In the " Terminal " window, type in " csrutil disable " and press " Enter " then restrart your Mac. Recoverit is your best option if you are going to perform your Patriot Xporter Recovery in a simple and easy way. This page talk about top 10 secure flash drive for your data security. Select one from the top secure flash drives. And for your data security, you can try the secure flash drive recovery tool. You can retrieve lost or accidentally deleted files from your PNY Attache flash drive with the help of the best PNY attache recovery tool.

Flash disks are most vital drives that you can store your files. How to save and recover your vital files from a corrupted flash drive with Corrupted Flash Drive Recovery tool. USB flash drive is one of the most common types of the external storage devices. This article would show you how to use usb flash drive creatively.

How to fix/repair the unreadable USB flash drive on Mac?

Sep 04, Factors Contributing To an UnRecognized Flash Drive There are several root causes that would result in an unrecognisable flash drive issue. Port Related Issues To determine if this is a port problem, test every USB port that you have with different flash drives. This could be either hardware or software issues, or both. In this case, you would need a professional to help you correct this.

USB Formatting Issue This is the most probable reason your computer could not detect your flash drive.

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  7. The inability to format flash drive properly before the first use could cause problems later on. Driver Issue The drivers may not be available, corrupted or outdated which would make the flash drive not Recognized. Hard Drive Related Issues A glitch in your machine's hard drive will not allow anything on it work in good and perfect way. This hardware issue should be addressed because it will affect more than your computer's ability to recognise a flash drive.

    Operating System Related Issues Sometimes, if your OS is not updated with the necessary updates as often as possible, it would cause the system to not recognise the flash drive.

    How to Repair & Recover USB Flash Drive not Recognized or Detected

    This could be simply rectified by updating the necessary components. Part 2: Way 1: Go to My Computer and right-click on the flash drive. Once finished, it will tell you what the flash drive's problem is.

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    Way 2: Click Start. Way 3: Perform driver updates Open the Run command and type in msc in the field.