Mac mini inside mac pro case

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I started test fitting the case last night, the motherboard stands just pop right off. Sadly nothing in my big bag of computer screws fit the mac stand offs. Awesome stuff ptmays!!! Just curious, I found some empty cases on eBay for reasonable prices.

15 Creative MAC Mini Mods

Are there specific cases to look for, or are they all the same? I finished up my CustoMac Pro and am obsessed with this now. Mind you, I'm a complete noob when it comes to building computers, but I do know how to follow instructions and love creating something out of nothing. The nice thing is his cases are brand new replacement parts from apple.

As far as what case to use there are a few things to know, the G5 case is nice if you want to do a full ATX MOBO, but the draw backs are you cant find them new anymore, and mounting the power supply takes a little creativity, you can see I ran mine out the bottom of the case, that required a 90 degree power cable. The other major draw back for me was only one optical drive, for my new system I am going to put in a bluray reader and a DVD RW drive.

The $25 Mac Teardown - From Mac To Gaming PC Part 1

The front IO board is easier to wire up from what I have read that will be my next project I think. Like the abandoned shell of a hermit crab, Mac enthusiast Rich Willis removed the innards of the old G4 cube and filled its guts with his Mac Mini as well as some add-ons.

A brief history of the Hackintosh

He even went the extra mile to add a virtual laser keyboard so the whole thing is nicely self-contained. You tend to forget how big these old drives were and how little they actually did, power-wise. Now with the added inclusion of a MAC Mini the power of this drive has reached levels it never ever could imagine. The creator of this mod wanted to make his Mac Mini portable without having to tear it apart.

So, he built an enclosure, bought a cheap car dvd monitor off ebay and threw this portable box together.

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All you have to do is simply slide the Mac Mini into the box and plug it in and you have an iMac style mini. There must be a market for these things, would you not buy one? If you are looking for a little bit of originality with you MAC Mini modding, you will love this mod. It is a seamless bright red petrol can and your MAC mini will slot into the back with ease.

BuildIts: How to Fit Your PC in a Power Mac G5 Case

I think this looks great, its a wonder they don't market these. Matt Burriola installed a Mac mini into his Mazda 3 sedan and documented the entire installation process. His goal for his project was to create a system with better than stock sound and capability, while maintaining a clean, stock appearance. You can view the step-by-step process here: Mac Mini Carputer Install.

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