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Jump around to any section. Written by Melissa Williams. Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Yesware. Preventing unwanted messages from showing up in your inbox can be integral to enjoying email.

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In this article we will walk you through the process of creating mail rules that will direct messages to other folders or the trash based on conditions you specify. We will also discuss how to update rules to include additional senders or other criteria, and provide some common-sense guidance about effectively using mail rules in general.

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Mail rules allow you to direct messages out of your inbox into another folder or trash automatically, based on their sender or other conditions. Rules can be set up on iCloud. For your other email addresses, rules can be set up in the Mail app on a Mac.

5.19. Create a Smart Folder

If you set up rules using iCloud. If you set up rules using the Mail app, they are effective only after you start up your Mac and open the Mail app.

At the end of this article, I will make some practical suggestions about how to address that, and other aspects of using mail rules. There may be a few different types of undesirable mail.

Create a new folder in Mac Mail

I suggest that a folder and rule be set up for each of the types. Below are examples of different different types of messages you might set up folders for:. Your needs regarding how many folders you set up and what to name them may be different. The best solution might not be a one-size-fits-all rule. It might be a set of multiple rules.

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Create a mailbox for each type of undesired message On iCloud. On a Mac, create a mailbox by choosing Mailbox from the menu bar and clicking on New Mailbox.