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Adjust indents and spacing in Word

Rotate your device so that you're viewing it in landscape mode. Choose the indent option and you're good. If for some reason you can' do that, you'll have to tap the dot options that represent more menu options, bu that will take more steps. Toggle action bar FAQ Actions.

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Create a hanging indent

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Word Mac hanging indent problem - Microsoft Community

Ask real COM Library staff a question via live chat during library hours. Powered by Springshare ; All rights reserved. Common paragraph formatting that you can apply includes alignment, indents, tab stops, and line spacing.

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  • How to remove all indents in Word?.

You can also create bulleted or numbered lists, and add borders or shading. Each paragraph in a document can be aligned left, center, right, or justified Figure 4. Figure 4.

How to remove all indents in Word?

An indent is space between a paragraph and the left or right margin. Indents can be used to set off quotations from surrounding text left and right indents , format body paragraphs in a business letter or school report first line indents , and create bulleted or numbered lists hanging indents.

Before setting an indent, you must first select the paragraph s.

Selecting a paragraph for formatting is different from selecting a word. You don't have to select the entire paragraph; it's sufficient to just click somewhere within it. To select multiple contiguous paragraphs, drag through them. To select multiple noncontiguous paragraphs, you can -double click a word in each one. You can set paragraph indents using the Formatting Palette, the Paragraph dialog box, or the ruler. You can create the following types of indents in Word:.

Being able to modify line spacing is especially useful if you're creating a document that has space restrictions or when it must follow line-spacing requirements set by an editor or teacher. The most common line spacings are single, 1. You can also specify an exact value. Tab stops are often used to align text and numbers in neat columns.

For example, you can use tabs to create tables in which the entries are aligned on their left edges, right edges, or decimal points Figure 4. Bullets help break text into readable chunks, making it simpler for a reader to find and digest important points.

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Word also lets you generate numbered lists, such as points in a contract. The procedures for adding bullets and numbers are very similar. You can apply bullets and numbering to paragraphs before or after you've typed the text. To use a different character or otherwise alter the bullet settings, click the Customize button.

Borders and shading can add style to a document or serve to highlight an important paragraph.

Paragraph Formatting

You can set a border around selected pages, paragraphs, or text. You can do the same with shading. The Borders and Shading dialog box appears Figure 4. To add borders only to specific sides, switch to the Borders or Page Border tab of the Borders and Shading dialog box, and then click those sides in the Preview area. You can make each side a different line style, color, and width.