This is how you eat a big mac reaction


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  5. A Big Mac 'takes 3 days to digest'!

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What Happens to Your Body One Hour After Eating a Big Mac

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Within 10 minutes of eating a Big Mac, the high calorie content begins to increase blood sugar levels to abnormal levels, according to the infographic. Talking to The Independent , however, dietitian and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association Priya Tew says that while blood sugar levels will increase, they are unlikely to reach abnormal levels.

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The sandwich - like other "junk food" - will also trigger the release of brain chemicals such as dopamine, which activate the brain's reward system and provide a feeling of pleasure. The infographic says this is comparable to the effects of cocaine. After 20 minutes, addictive ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup - present in high levels in the Big Mac bun - and sodium will set in, making us crave more, according to the infographic.

What happens to your body one hour after eating a McDonald's Big Mac | Metro News

After another 10 minutes, the high salt content of the Big Mac begins to take its toll on the body, leading to dehydration. Because symptoms of dehydration are similar to those of hunger, the infographic warns that you may want more food at this point. However, Tew disagrees with this fact. But it is a salty food so it's good to be aware. If you often feel hungry just after eating a Big Mac, this may be due to body's inability to control blood sugar.

Possibly the most shocking claim the infographic makes about a Big Mac's effect on the body is that it can take more than 3 days to fully digest because of its fat content; the body normally takes around hours to digest food. However, Tew believes that while fatty foods do take longer to digest, the 3-day time frame for a Big Mac is likely to be an exaggeration.

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While nutritionists and health experts have questioned the accuracy of this infographic, there is one thing they all agree on: Last month, Medical News Today reported on the creation of an infographic that revealed how energy drinks affect the body within 24 hours of consumption, while another infographic showed how Coca-Cola impacts the body within 1 hour. Additional source: McDonald's, Big Mac , accessed 25 September Statistic Brain, Fast food statistics , accessed 25 September The Independent , What really happens to your body an hour after eating a Big Mac?

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A Big Mac 'takes 3 days to digest'

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