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Press on a handle part to adjust its value with a value ladder. Right-click the Handles tool in the toolbox to the left of the view to see a menu of all visible handles. Turn off the handle you want to hide. To make the handle visible again, select the node with the handle, right click the Handles tool and turn the handle on. This makes Houdini draw handles all red, instead of using red, green, and blue to color the different axes. Gimbal lock is when two rotation axes overlap, making it impossible to rotate them independently.

This can cause problems in animation, where it can seem like rotations no longer have the proper effect. So, if the order is "X rotation, then Y rotation, then Z rotation" the default , Y and Z necessarily rotate independently of X that is, rotating in Y does not change the X rotation , and so you can make the axes overlap:.

Camera rotated degrees around Y the green ring. Because Y rotation is applied after X, rotating around Y does not rotate X the red ring. The X axis red ring and Z axis blue ring now overlap. Since the axes overlap, changes to X and Y rotation values in this example do not rotate the camera around two axes… they rotate along the same axis and may in fact cancel each other out. When Gimbal mode is off , Houdini does background work so you always see three rotation ring handles, and when you drag a ring, the other rings rotate with it, despite the order of rotations.

The downside is that in this mode Houdini will change all three rotation components, not just the one you're dragging. And doing rotations this way can lead to very bad animation curves. When Gimbal mode is on , Houdini displays the true position of the rotation handles, and dragging the rotation handles changes the rotation components directly, without Houdini trying to fix gimbal lock. The benefit is that you have direct, independent control over the three rotation components, and so you can use the handles to set up animation without worrying about Houdini changing the other components.

The downside is the possibility of gimbal lock. To turn Gimbal mode on or off, press on a rotation handle and choose Gimbal mode.

Changing the rotation order changes which axes affect the others. By selecting a different order of rotations, you may be able to do the same rotations without gimbal locking. Create a Null object , parent it to the object, and lock its Rotate Z parameter. Because the rotations are on different objects, there is no chance for the axes to overlap, and so the object cannot gimbal lock. If it is more convenient, you can also stack up X and Y nulls and control Z on the object, or stack up X, Y, and Z nulls and lock all rotation on the object.

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When Gimbal mode is off, Houdini will do extra math in the background to let you rotate the handles without worrying about gimbal lock, by changing all three rotation components. The downside is if your look-at Null passes through the exact position of your object, the object will flip across the axis. The qlinear expression function on the channels does a quaternion, gimbal-free equivalent of the linear function. Introduction to Houdini. User interface. Viewing the scene.

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Selecting objects and components. Using handles. Working with objects. Tab menu. Networks and parameters. Mac OS X notes. Radial menus. Using the ladder. HUD sliders. Visualizers create visual representations of otherwise hard-to-see information in the 3D view, such as attribute values and volume interiors.

Inspection mode. Brush tools. Configuring Houdini. Desktops and panes. Customize the shelf. How to change the look of the shelf, change and rearrange its contents, and create your own shelf tools. Environment variables. Customize menus. Creating shelf tools. Configuring hotkeys. Create variations with takes. Speed up your scene. Advanced Viewport Shading. Memory toolbar. Gimbal mode How to avoid or get out of gimbal lock.

For example, the move handle lets you move something by dragging its arrows.

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Select one of the polygons in the plane. Try dragging the up Y handle to extrude the selected polygon up from the plane. Right-click the handle and choose the handle mode from the menu. Drag the point at the center to move the box.

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Drag an arrow to move along an axis. Drag a translate plane to move across that plane. Drag a ring to rotate around an axis. Drag between the rings to rotate freely.

Drag the outer ring to rotate around the viewing angle. To translate this article, select a language. Support 0 contributions. General Troubleshooting Steps for Maya If Maya launches,follow these steps to troubleshoot manipulator behavior: Preferences can become corrupted after extended use, or a software crash. Follow this guide to reset to default: The link provided is for Maya Each manipulator tool can also be reset individually within Maya: Double-click on the tool icon. This tool settings window will open. At the top of this window, click the "Reset Tool" button. See Also: Find related content.

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