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How to Count the Number of Words in your Document.

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Translation Word Count If you don't know the total number of words that you need to translate, don't worry. Use one of the following four methods as a tool: Method 1 If the text to be translated is available as a computer file, follow these instructions to obtain electronic word counts from the most common software programs: Method 3 If you cannot use Methods 1 or 2 and you know the total number of pages, just enter this number in the "Total Pages" box below and then click the Calculate button.

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Total pages: Your document has approximately: Microsoft Word To count the number of words in a Microsoft Word document: Word Counter is an application that performs a word count and a character count, but it can do much more. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other applications such as TextEdit, Microsoft Word, Pages, TextWrangler, and others.

Word Counter can automatically update the count based on a user-defined time interval.


It can show the progress achieved towards a set goal for the total number of words and characters. It also can perform bulk counts on multiple files and folders simply by dropping them onto the window. Word Counter can count the number of times a particular word appears in a document.

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It More It can even create a sortable summary table of all words in the document, with the number of times each word appears and the length of each word. Word Counter can also calculate estimates for readability statistics using the well known Flesch-Kincaid readability formula and many others. This program may be useful for writing a manuscript or an abstract with a strict limit on the number of words or characters allowed. Discover New Mac Apps.

Add a Right-Click Option to Count Characters, Words, and Paragraphs in Any Mac Program

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