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A developer is working on turning a Nintendo Switch into an Android tablet February 19, Thanks Meter: By footer , Junior Member on 27th July , Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Hi, I had to change my Transformer because of an issue.

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Before getting the new one I made a nandroid backup from the old one. Now, I restored this backup to the new one and saw that the Wifi MAC address is the one from old one. I assume, the nandroid backup has restored old Transformer's mac address to the new one. How can I find it? Senior Member. Join Date: Jan If I remove the mac line from this file, it generates a mac address but I don't know if that's the correct original one.

I need help about how to find the original mac address.

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Other times, the actual interface may have a sticky label somewhere on it with the hardware address. If your computer or printer has a built-in Ethernet or Wireless interface, you may find a label attached to the back or bottom of the computer displaying the hardware address. If you find a label, make sure it really is a hardware address; the section above describes what an Ethernet or Wireless hardware address looks like. For example, if you see letters of the alphabet other than A-F, you can be sure you're not looking at an Ethernet or Wireless hardware address; perhaps it is a model number or serial number for your computer.

In some cases, you will not find a hardware address displayed on the box, the Ethernet or Wireless interface, or the computer or printer.

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Or you may have discarded the box, and opening the computer or printer to examine the interface card inside may not be a good choice. In these cases, there is usually software you can run on the computer or printer that will display the Ethernet or Wireless hardware address. Instructions for some popular configurations appear below.

Forging Spoofing, Cloning Another Hardware Address is not Acceptable Many devices can be reconfigured so that instead of using the hardware address assigned by the manufacturer, they instead forge another hardware address of your own choosing. This is sometimes called "spoofing" or "cloning" a hardware address, particularly when the forged hardware address is one that belongs to another device. Because a device's hardware address is one of the most important ways the device is identified on the campus network, forging a hardware address is not acceptable on the campus network.

No device attached to the campus network should be configured to forge its hardware address; instead, every device attached to the campus network should use the unique hardware address assigned to it by the manufacturer. Some devices automatically change their network interface's hardware address from time to time, for example, by generating a new random or pseudo-random hardware address. Some do so periodically. Some do so each time the network interface attaches to a different network. Such devices do so in the belief that it promotes privacy.

More often than not, such devices limit this feature to Wireless network interfaces. For some devices, this is a behavior which can be user-configured; for other devices, it is not user-configurable. For the most part, we do not support use of such devices on the University's networks. Each device attached via an Ethernet or Wireless network interface at the University is expected to use the unique hardware address assigned by the manufacturer to that network interface, not to generate random values or to change the value periodically or each time it connects to a different network.

Understanding Android Wi-Fi Settings and Connections

If your device allows you to configure it to generate random hardware addresses or to use its real hardware address, you should configure it to use its real hardware address. If your device generates random hardware addresses and offers no way to disable this behavior, the device is not appropriate for use on the University network. There is a specific exception where such behavior is acceptable on the University network. When a Wireless interface is probing scanning to locate available wireless networks, it may choose to use a random hardware address for the wireless frames it transmits to perform those probes.

The remainder of the Wireless frames the device transmits for example, once it decides it wishes to connect to a particular wireless network use the unique hardware address assigned by the manufacturer to that device's Wireless network interface.

[Q] How to revert back to original mac address after a nandroid restore ?

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