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Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Fetching latest commit…. You can also adjust the software settings shown above and encryption settings for maximum control. Using a VPN is the simplest option, and it's incredibly easy to get setup. Once you install your chosen VPN's software, you can connect to a torrent-friendly server location and your torrents will be fully anonymized.


There is no additional setup required inside your torrent client. Just connect to the VPN It will change encrypt your entire internet connection and change your torrent IP address so peers only see the VPN server's IP instead of your own. There is one additional step that you may want to take, however, for added security. All the VPN providers we recommended above have built a kill-switch feature into their software. This is an option that will instantly kill all internet connectivity if the VPN fails. It binds your internet connection to the VPN interface, and your torrent client won't be able to access the internet until you reconnect to the VPN.

All you have to do to activate the kill-switch is check the box in your software settings to enable the option. See our examples in the screenshots below. Running your torrents through a Socks5 proxy is completely optional. Using a non-logging VPN will already completely anonymize your torrents by itself.

setup peer block on Transmission

Some people like proxying their torrents because it allows your torrent client and web browser to have separate IP addresses. You can also run the proxy with or without the VPN active. If you run the the proxy by itself, speeds will be faster than using a VPN, and your torrent IP address will be changed, but your connection won't be encrypted.

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Most major torrent clients have built-in Socks5 proxy support. The 1 notable exception unfortunately is Transmission , the popular Mac torrent client.

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We'll show you how to setup the proxy inside uTorrent below. If you use a different torrent client than uTorrent, we have other setup guides for: Vuze Deluge qBittorrent Don't worry that the above guides are done using the PC version of the software. The steps are identical on mac.

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  • Step 1 - Get your Socks5 proxy login credentials. You can find the step by step instructions for PIA here. If you chose IPVanish our 1 recommended pick the steps are below:. The values you enter will depend on which Socks5 provider you're using.

    Transmission setup

    Proxy settings for IPVanish: Incoming TCP Port: Choose your own or 'randomize' Proxy Server: Enabled Username: Proxy settings for Private Internet Access: Choose your own or randomize Proxy Server: You will also want to make sure that the bottom 3 checkboxes are enabled: Authentication, proxy for hostname, proxy for p2p. This ensures that all uTorrent connections are required to use the proxy tunnel. Step 3 - Verify your IP address change. Once you've got everything configured, you may want to check your torrent IP address to verify that everything is working properly. We'll do that using a torrent ip check tool.

    Should you anonymize your torrents?

    Here's our step-by-step guide on how to check your torrent IP address. I thought it had to be a fluke, a coincidence because I never thought that Peerblock was that effective and I was just using it to cut down on ads! So, I know that DreadWingKnight does not like Peerbloack and I know there are a boatload of lists that are hard to pick from but I think I must have a good set of lists.

    Unfortunatly, now uTorrent doesn't like me to run Peerblock but I have made "remote" work while Peerblock is running. I would really like to stop uTorrent from complaining.

    [How To] Use PeerBlock, i-BlockList, & Proxys to Torrent Securely (Part 2)

    Is there a advanced setting to disable the "peer" check -- or, can anyone tell me what uT is doing to check for a program like Peerblock. I haven't tried it yet but does just renaming "Peerblock. Otherwise, if it's a port it tries or something at the 2nd or 3rd layer in the stack, can someone tell me how it works? Last minutes thought The "fan letter" named the movies that I downloaded so, from what i've read, I think that the weasels that are looking for us good, honets pirates are "joining the swarm" -- which I don't know much about but when they do, they can tell a whole lot about you than a sniffer capture Search In.

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