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Before that a dual core with same results. Which Windows 8 tablet will be able to play FM 14? Please can anyone help me out? Anyone else having problems when trying to play fm Don't know about the tablets but the computer specs are more than enough. If you are having this problem try to re-install the game and see if it works. Syke That should be compatible with FM 14, should it not?

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Justice As long as it fills the following requirements, it should be compatible: Mac System Requirements OS: Any idea if the surface pro 2 will be able to run this when it comes out?? The specs look more than compatible but I've been looking through numerous pages but to no avail. More Realistic Transfers for FM19 v1. FM19 Tactic: Unai what I mean Emery. FM19 Newbie Tactic: Right click on the game title in steam, go to properties, click local files, then verify the integrity of game files. So I did that and all files were succesfully validated but when I click play the Steam error still comes up.

Please try again in a few minutes. You wouldn't be able to play any game while it's trying to update itself, it just needs a little patience. How are you getting on at the moment? This suggests to me that the game is still updating itself, even once it has downloaded the files it has to install in the background. It kept saying "The steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request.

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Whatever I guess I'll just go and sob. Please just be patient with this, the game needs to update correctly. Reinstalling just means it'll have to download the update again. It's possible you've corrupted something by doing that, though you may still want to wait another minutes to be sure. In this case, if your problems don't go away the best suggestion would be to delete all local content from within Steam and reinstall to be sure.

I've deleted all local content and tried to reinstall but still the same error. I'm sorry I'm not a patient person. So after several tries I uninstalled it, and now when I want to install it I get the message the Steam servers are too busy. I bought a CD game, not some download Everything worked fine since friday and I didn't change anything and all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore. Not good There was no need to uninstall, you just have to be patient with the updates. If you leave Steam for a few minutes and look in your Steam game library, you should be able to see whether it's downloading the files or not.

If it has finished, I'd suggest restarting Steam, making sure it's no longer updating and then verifying your cache as described here - http: I tried to get on it, nothing, tried to quit Steam, got told I needed to quit FM first but couldnt. I 'verify game integrity' or whatever it was, and now the FM logo pops up in my dock finally, but instantly I get an error message and bang, it goes off again.

A Mac User.. I have been trying to get my football manager to work through Steam.

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Every time I tried starting, a window will pop-out saying "All files successfully validated" and then another window pop-out saying "The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes".

I have tried everything from restarting the comp, restarting steam, verify integrity etc. Please help.

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Much appreciated. I am on the same situation as everyone here. Tried everything said. Except I did not delete or uninstalled anything As suggested, I have been patient for one hour. But no download starts. Am I not being patient enough? I'm in the exact same boat as everyone here Hendo9 explained it perfectly Look for "fm" or "Football Manager v If you see "fm" it means that the game has not launched or initialised itself properly, but this can sometimes hang in memory for some reason, and this appears to interfere with Steam even if you restart it.

Once you've done then, then restart Steam and see how you get on. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. Mac Games Sports Football Manager Impress with your style of play and became a world-renowned coach Football Manager is the ultimate expression of soccer management. View full description. Softonic review Football Manager is the ultimate expression of soccer management.

Football Manager A new Football Manager that improves on old mechanics. Football Manager version of popular football management sim. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Excellent racing game for Macs. Download Football Manager Download for Mac. User reviews about Football Manager Review.

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