Yahoo messenger old version for mac

Where are my notes and contact info!! Oh yay,.. I used to have all my contacts in a list but now with this romper room font I have to scroll incessantly. The preferences have been truncated down to uselessness. Wow this thing appears horrible!

If you have a 32 bit operating system:

And this is a textbook example of a paid article. Guess what, I have a phone. Time to ditch YM I think. Who do you think you are kidding? Is this article some sort of joke? If I am unable to make voice calls or use a cam, it is totally useless to me. I am going over to Skype. I am actually already using Skype, which lacks a lot of features of the old Yahoo Messenger, but offers voice and cam capability.

Does whoever dreamed up this version of Yahoo Messenger think users are crazy? But, that is typical of corporate mentality. I agree with the rest of the folks on this update. I will not use it at all. I hate this version…. I hope many will stop using Yahoo Messenger… People will move to some-other messengers… Bad luck for Yahoo…. The idiot thought this was a good idea should be fired.

I will be deleting this from my computer and using an alternate program. You guys really screwed up this time. I have yet to see one good comment on this. You had a good thing here and now it totally blows big time. Way to go Yahoo! NEW and Improved my backed. This new messenger is stripped down and useless. Yahoo was my first email account. Stop lying. You are pretty much sucking the DInk of yahoo. I see you down on your knees for them.

We do not accept paid articles, but feel free to form your opinion, for it matters liitle to me. You may dislike an article, that is your prerogative, but one more comment out of place here and I will delete all your comments.

Like what, not being able to use it anymore? There is no point going all brouhaha over this. It hardly makes any difference. Oh and so that my original message written last night would get approved…I prettied it up for your delicate incompetent viewing. Like me pointing out this defunct debauchery, some how requires your management.

Instead of managing my response to your shitty ass service…. Lie to us. The older version installer — this new version? Sucks donkey testicles at the root …jeeez. We only really use the desktop version. I believe Yahoo has said they will be adding these features.

Can anyone confirm? If yes, is there a time frame? Does anyone have a suggestion which product to move to? Try Pidgin.

Yahoo! Messenger for Mac OS X Download - TechSpot

It will even import your YM friends. Most features are gone, emojis are only black and white and look like something from the s at best. I do not know how anyone can call this an improvement! I use this at work to talk to our other office location and the old version worked perfect for us but now we no longer get notifications when we get a message.

At least have the icon light up or flash so we have some sort of notification. Since I need a messenger right away I will be looking for one that gives notifications. If anyone knows of one that works with Windows 10 please post on here. Your email address will not be published. Pass the test: Features of the new Yahoo Messenger Desktop App.

Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. August 18, at 2: August 18, at 4: August 18, at 7: Zane Parnell. August 18, at 9: August 18, at August 19, at 3: August 19, at 5: Always available from the Softonic servers. Alternative Yahoo! Messenger download from external server availability not guaranteed.

Goodbye, Old-School Yahoo Messenger App

Clicking the download button will take you to the Google Play Store, where you can download this app. Originally launched in under the name of Yahoo Pager, Yahoo Messenger is an instant messaging client that can be used by anyone with a Yahoo ID. Users will be able to communicate with each other through text messages. By adjusting privacy settings, the user can decide whether or not they want to appear in searches, and whether they are open to chat invitations from other people. It is the user's choice how available to conversation they are.

The messenger includes a conversation archive tool that allows the user to revisit earlier conversations with friends. The tool includes a sophisticated search engine, allowing conversations to be filtered by type. As with all instant messengers and social networks, any user will require to follow some basic steps to ensure safety and privacy.

Yahoo offers a service that will help any user who encounters fraud or similar safety concerns while using the messenger software. During text conversations with friends, it is possible to send not only still images, but also videos and animated GIFs.

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Doing so is a simple matter of clicking the "Upload Image" button, choosing an image, and sending it into the conversation. Yes, obtaining the software and registering an account are both completely free processes, and there will be no reason to pay a fee while using the program.

The one potential downside is that the software is advertising-supported, and makes heavy use of ads. In short, the program can be found across all popular desktop and mobile systems.