Broken ram slot mac mini

I am under some time constraints and wanted to assure the best chance of getting a response on time. No one had really yet indicated that this actually happened to them and they had found an appropriate solution.

Bad RAM slot in Mac mini?

I'm surprised that this hasn't happened to someone else as I was very careful. I wanted to start a specific thread related to the broken clip without regard to the other "no boot" problems I originally posted at AYM.

Faulty RAM symptoms

As I mentioned on AYM, this is not my computer so I am being more cautious in doing anything further. I have been helped so many times. I try to give a hand when I can. That's what I intend to try if no other suggestions come. I have also posted the same topic with the apple discussion groups. I hope my posting in various places is not regarded as poor net-etiquette.

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Would it be possible to resolder a new RAM clip down? Try www. Mad Dog. Well, it seems to be working. I glued the little plastic retaining clips to the metal supportive backing. I didn't use super glue, but a 2 part epoxy.

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  • broke of one of my Ram benches.;

It remains to be seen ,if the glue will hold over time and under the relatively high temp. The glue claims to hold well in temp. Note that, if you have formatted your hard drive and reinstalled OS X, then the built-in hardware tests may have been wiped; however, you can still load them from the Internet by holding the Option-D key combination as opposed to just D at startup when you hear the boot chimes. If the hardware test finds any faulty memory, it will list the faulty memory addresses.

One of the most popular is the free memtest , which is run from the Terminal command-line. You can also get a graphical wrapper for memtest, called Rember. Each will test memory differently and some may miss a problem that another can detect. Therefore, I recommend you use more than one.

How To Test Your Mac For Bad Ram On OS X

Since memory test programs can only test the RAM that is available, be sure to run it in as minimal of an operating system as possible. This means, if you use Rember or memtest, to do it in Safe Mode for anything requiring a graphic interface , or better yet, in Single User mode, as these will ensure as much RAM is available for testing as possible. Swap or rearrange RAM chips: If you have access to the RAM chips on your system, swap or rearrange them, especially if you have more than two available RAM slots as you do on some iMac models and the Mac Pro , and then test again.

This will help ensure that all RAM addresses are accessible to the testing program, because the system will load core OS components into different parts of RAM.

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  6. Keep in mind that, depending on the amount of RAM you have installed, these tests will take some time to complete. The only other regular one which I recommend is to check your hard drive for formatting errors.

    Bad RAM slot in Mac mini? | MacRumors Forums

    If any of the tests you run returns any status except for OK , then you should consider replacing it as soon as possible. Most RAM manufacturers offer lifetime warranties for their products. Hi dear forummembers, i got a mac mini The ram slot in the right corner has a platic part who sliped out of the metal socked.

    Any idea would be great. Attached Images Bildschirmfoto um Beachballs - Computer seems slower than it used to? Read this for some slow computer tips: Speedup - Almost full hard drive? Some solutions. Out of Space - Apple Battery Info.