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Microsoft's Surface Pro with the similar concept is probably a bigger rival than the MacBook Pro 13, but the expensive business convertible from HP can also compete with Apple's laptop: The screen is bright and covers a wide range of colors, you get a lot of performance, and a three-year warranty. Only the missing card reader as well as the high price might scare off some customers. The lacking preinstalled LTE modem on a system for almost Euros is another drawback. Otherwise, the Elite x2 is a very versatile and high-end alternative to the MacBook Pro Laptop Windows Apple Charts.

You might also be interested in the following roundups: The best alternatives to the Apple MacBook Pro 15 The best alternatives to the Apple MacBook 12 and Air The following table shows a collection of MacBook competitors based on the Windows operating system that have been tested by Notebookcheck in the past 12 months.

Working For Notebookcheck. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Lenovo ThinkPad T HP EliteBook x G3. HP EliteBook G5. Dell Latitude Lenovo ThinkPad A Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. Fujitsu Lifebook U HP Elite x2 G3. The original: Apple MacBook Pro Top MBP 13 alternatives in comparison. Size Comparison. Related Articles. February Update.

Go PC! 5 killer MacBook Pro alternatives for disappointed Apple fans

Now with four cores. January update. October Update.

How to Optimize Your Computer for Music Production (PC and MAC)

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The best alternatives to the Apple MacBook Pro 13

It has a minimalist perspective on ports, only sporting two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. Since each of these PCs have flexible hinges allowing them to convert into tablets, the laptop screens do have a tendency to jiggle a bit when typing especially fast or using the touchscreen. The Acer is outfitted with a litany of ports and looks a lot more like a traditional laptop. The Samsung is bigger, has a nicer screen, and a stylus for taking notes: Definitely a pick for a college student.

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  • The Pixelbook is for the professional who has the money to spend on a laptop but wants the mobile-first features of Chrome OS. I love my Macbook Pro. Would you buy a car at its original MSRP even though it's been sitting on the lot for five years? I don't think so. With that in mind, I've put together a list of excellent Windows alternatives to the most popular Mac models.

    Especially if you rely on your computers for your livelihood, there's no reason to wait on Apple to finally cater to your needs. From the low-end to beastly core prosumer rigs, the PC world is getting really exciting again.

    Best Windows alternatives to Apple's MacBook Pro 13

    Sure, macOS has its advantages, but Windows 10 is a mature, stable platform that's updated and improved on the regular. Switching to PCs means you'll be able to grab the latest and greatest computers at a wide array of prices from any number of PC manufacturers, without having to light prayer candles at a shrine dedicated to Steve Wozniak. Apple's most portable notebooks are in an awkward spot. The MacBook Air soldiers on with the same screen, processor, and chassis it's had for three years.

    If you prefer a cushier keyboard, USB-A, and magnetic charging connection, you'll be paying top dollar for a dowdy display and crusty Intel processors from generations long past in the MacBook Air. The Microsoft Surface Laptop is a solid substitute for these slimmer Macs. You get newer chips, a brilliant inch display, a wonderful keyboard, and an eye-catching design. The inch MacBook Pro is arguably the only MacBook worthy of the professional branding, since it has the biggest screen, fastest graphics, and hottest processor of Apple's laptop lineup.

    Plus, you get Apple's Touch Bar, which, is of dubious value, but is a nice bonus. But it's put to shame by Razer's latest flagship Razer Blade laptop.

    Go PC! 5 killer MacBook Pro alternatives for disappointed Apple fans | PCWorld

    With a six-core Intel processor and Nvidia series graphics as the standard configuration, it's positioned to make the mightiest Mac notebook look downright antique. Peep that slim display bezel … gaze lovingly upon its traditional style RGB-backlit keyboard and humongous glass trackpad. The Mac Mini is one of my all-time favorite computers.