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Either they reduced the size so much that the quality was unacceptably pixellated, or they didn't reduce the size at all and in one case actually increased it despite quality loss. If file size is still too large it could help using ps2pdf to downscale the resolution of the produced pdf file:.


Adjust the value of the -dColorImageResolution option to achieve a result that fits your needs the value describes the image resolution in DPIs. If your input file is in grayscale, replacing Color through Gray or using both options in the above command could also help.

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For explanations of the all possible options consult the ps2pdf manual. I didn't see a lot of reduction in file size using qpdf. The best way I found is after pdftk is done use ghostscript to convert pdf to postscript then back to pdf. In PHP you would use exec:. The one-line pdf2ps option by Lee actually increased the pdf size.

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I use pdftk to compress a pdf using the following command line pdftk file1. Are there [options] to change the compression??? RockScience RockScience 6, 17 59 From my experience, it depends what is inside your pdf. If it is a graph with many dots for instance, the best solution is to convert the graph to png and include this png into the pdf. Pixelated lossy: Kristian 8 There was a loss of quality, but it served my purpose sufficiently.

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You can use "printer" PDF setting for a better quality: See ghostscript. Note that the gs command in the answer is not exactly lossless, since it lowers the resolution and quality of embedded JPGs.

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But it is lossless re. This is not a general solution. In many cases, the resulting pdf is larger. This worked the best out of all mentioned solutions for me.

A few large images went down from 23MB to 1. However I see your point. It would be nice to have software figuring what works best for us.

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Thanks for this. As mentioned here another drawback to this method is that it will break URL links inside the document. This is extremely valuable research thank you! How is it not an answer? If file size is still too large it could help using ps2pdf to downscale the resolution of the produced pdf file: Dominik Dominik 1 2. Went down from mb to 2.

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