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The biggest issue in the game is the time of the day. There is no way to set the time of the day, and when it becomes dark you have to wait a few hours. There is the influence of current and wind but not really accurate.

River Simulator 2012

What I really enjoyed the most was the working locks. It's the crew that makes the difference. Rbsanford Forum member Posts: Today's weather: To be honost.. Thank you alll for posting.

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Quote from: Ballast on August 21, , Ballast on August 22, , I love Jelly Otter: Wiqvist, I've made a movie of it.. The only reason why I was interested is that my brother is captain on the real pusher, the Veerhaven, that is playable in the game but unfortunately you have to unlock the other ships by hauling cargo.

I just can't be bothered to do that.. I sailed 6 years on the river Rhine and I got my pilot exemption certificate for it but navigating and manoeuvering on a river like that is completely different then in the game.

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Ballast, thank you for your answer and I look forward to the video. Hope you will make it without time accelerating, hehe. So it is more buildt like an arcade game, that you have to solve some missions to get access to all ships?

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I think missions in a simulator game is something for persons who are not 'totaly' in simulator game, players who still like to have a bit of an acrade game. River Simulator In this simulation you will be able to explore German rivers like the Rhine and Main with several types of ships and experience a clear focus on technical details and realism — the main competences of the developer team weltenbauer. In this elaborate simulation you get behind the wheel of seven different inland waterway ships and other vehicles made for transport on water, such as container ships or ferries, and accomplish divergent missions.

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Your missions will include moving liquids with a tanker ship or handling various maneuvers with a push boat. The experience of a never before seen complexity of scenery will excite you.

A Trial version Strategy game for Windows, by Astragon

Sail along the Main from Frankfurt to Mayence up to the Dutch border and enjoy the elaborate and realistically rebuild, romantic Rhine-valley. You might even see the Cologne cathedral!

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You wpould like to focuse on difficult maneuvers in the harbor? For this purpose, an autopilot takes over the steering along the rivers. Every successfully accomplished mission gets you experience-points, which can be invested in new, better ships.

And if this game makes you look for more challenges, you will be able to create and integrate your own ships through a convenient web interface. Only the end of the river and your fantasy are the limits. Promo content provided courtesy of iTunes.