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But laptops are obviously more versatile if you travel and need the computing horsepower. The iMac has everything you need in one svelte package.

Law Practice and Management Software

You could get by with the inch iMac, but I always advocate for more screen real estate. But the Retina display will eventually make its way into every Mac laptop, so save your money for another year or two.

Moving on to software, the biggest hurdle for Mac-using lawyers is the limited amount of legal software available for the Mac. There used to be no legal-specific software for Macs, but that has changed over the past three to five years. However, the software lacks the maturity of the Windows applications that have been around for decades. Many lawyers use these built-in applications just fine.

What is Law Practice Management Software?

You might consider utilities like these:. Brett provides litigation support for law firms and assists corporations with e-discovery questions. Brett also provides Mac and iPad training for lawyers seeking to learn how to use their iDevice more effectively and productively. E-mail Brett at brett macsinlaw.

So You Want an All Mac Office? - Attorney at Work

Instead of searching your file cabinet endlessly for paper documents and files, you can simple attach them as PDFs or scan them into your computer with a scanner. Increase productivity by quickly being able to search online for any legal document or file needed. Organize case information and matters neatly in their corresponding digital folder that links to your case, matter, or client.

There is nothing more important than knowing all the time you are putting into your job is being used properly and efficiently. With PracticePanther, we have many tools that help you do so including legal trust accounting. Everything will be securely stored for you online, in the cloud.

You can block access from certain staff members, lawyers, or paralegals in your office or law firm from viewing certain documents. Or you can allow your clients access to view certain documents you select by sending them a special link only when you activate that feature. With our bit military grade encryption, all of your legal documents and saved information will never be in jeopardy.

Law Practice Management Software

We pride ourselves on being intuitive, user friendly, and secure. PracticePanther will solve all of your organization and legal document management sharing issues.

One of the most common complaints is that lawyers cannot seem to stay organized. Pretty cool, right? Well, this was no miracle.

Programs Your Law Firm Needs for Legal Practice Management

We specifically designed it this way with you in mind. We know nothing is better than the feeling of organization and being on your feet when a surprise phone call comes your way. Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on being one step closer to your most organized and efficient self!