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Monarchy of Canada — This article is about the monarchy of Canada. For information on the other countries which share the same person as monarch, see Commonwealth realm.

Officer's complaint a royal pain, judge says

Not to be confused with Monarchism in Canada. Canadian royal symbols — A number of royal symbols exist in Canada, reflecting the country s status as a constitutional monarchy. These include symbols of the monarch of Canada, as well as the monarch s vice regal representatives. Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh. We are NOT our "own" people. We are sheeple who let a "select few" guide us,and our kids,without the least miniscule thought or worry as to how this may be undermining any true feedom we have left.

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At least most of us are. Some of us still know the meaning of freedom,free speech,and individualism. Try it some time. You may enjoy it. I'm surprised at the number of so-called conservatives here who harbour cheap dreams of abolishing the Queen, and therefore destroying the regimental heritage of our Armed Forces. There are tens of thousands of Canadians buried all over Europe who fought for Queen and Country, so get a little respect.

The man took an oath, one that is required if you want to wear our country's uniform. If you disagee with the oath, don't serve in the armed forces. Once that oath is taken, you obey it or resign - to do otherwise is to show an appalling lack of integrity, and for an officer that is just unacceptable. The armed forces do not do politics in this country. As far as I'm concerned, he has no integrity and should resign. Whether or not anyone reading this agrees or disagrees with me - that's the way it is.

No ifs ands or buts about it.

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We're not getting the whole story here anyway; our captain's Hiberno-Gaelic name change implies some sort of silly ethnic bee in his bonnet. Still sore about the Highland clearances? Or has he discovered stale old Irish grievances to grumble about? She cannot understand why I support the monarchy, considering that my father came from Italy, and my mother's family is Irish, Scottish and Micmac years in the maritimes.

The British traditions upon which this country was built have given us the highest standard of living ever known to the human race. One other thing. That idiot swore an oath like myself, and my two brothers. Jerk off! I actually agree with Anon, this isn't about the merits of having a monarchy but the fact that someone who swore an oath to Queen and country now has the audacity to question it.

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The CAF ain't Dr. Phil, put up or shut up.

Little wonder he is hiding in academia, I doubt if anyone in the field would want him to "cover their six". My old commission scroll was signed by the Minister of National Defence not the Queen. The intent of my oath was service to Nation of Canada symbolized in the person of the Queen. My hope is that this will break the tryanny of the party system under which we now suffer. I am willing to bet that the "tyranny of the party system" in the Ersatz America that you feel Canada ought to be will only be exacerbated by improving the latitude for political hacks to run the country unchecked.

You need look no further than the Republican-Democrat stand-offs that routinely stall the political process in the Real America to our south. The Queen thing is a non issue, why do people say they are upset about it? The cost to Canada [still a member of the Commonwealth] is negligible. We have so much money wasted by our governments that actually does take money out of our pockets, the Queen and GG should be way down the list.

Officer's complaint a royal pain, judge says - The Globe and Mail

Not everyone supports giving money to the Arts Not everyone supports money to hockey arenas. Not everyone supports money to immigrant communities The Queen and the GG give a lot of Canadians a feel good sensation so lets focus on real problems. During the preparations for the deployment of 1Fd Hospital to the 1st Gulf War two medics flatly refused to deploy to the theatre. Their CO had the right idea, he wanted to charge them and release them from the CF as soon as possible, however once the higher ups got wind of this they brushed it under the table and to the best of my knowledge the two got away with it.

I presume there were career consequences but I can't say for sure. Sure, Canada is a constitutional monarchy. In fact, she has few direct powers inside the country. And many folks will be happy to learn that she cannot unilaterally send Canadian troops into battle.

Irish at home in Canada

Tom Freda, president of Citizens for a Canadian Republic, says that despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding the monarchy in Canada, the Queen has little actual ability to directly affect its affairs. No invitation, no royal visit. The Ministry of Canadian Heritage does. He did not feel he should be required to sing God Save the Queen , or toast in her name at formal military dinners. The ruling echoes the decision from another recent court battle over new Canadians being required to swear allegiance to the Queen — which effectively notes that while the Queen is the symbolic leader of Canada, she is but a figurehead.