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Folder Torrent Downloads Name starts with Dexter Move File to folder Dexter - Season 5 Then anytime a new episode of Dexter airs, as soon as it hits the internet, it downloads automatically on my computer and Hazel sorts it into the appropriate folder once finished.

I set this up with all the tv shows I watch. But there is a problem How can i automatically rename the downloaded tv shows? When one downloads Dexter for example it reads Dexter. I would like it to read something like this Dexter - 5x07 - Circle Us.

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Such as: So does anyone have an idea of how renaming TV shows can be automated. Is there a way to take the file name of a torrent, automatically query websites like TVDB.

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Filebot renames the tv shows correctly, but one has to manually find the file, and plug in the information. I want something that can be automated. Perhaps a fancy Applescript that Hazel can trigger to rename the file?

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Anyway, if there are any computer nerds out there that can come up with a solution it would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone wants any help or clarification on the steps to automatically downloading TV shows and sorting them into folders. I will gladly respond. Maybe this new topic would be helpful: My Perfect Process: Yes I saw that post. I am looking into this https: Perhaps I can get that to work.

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However I must say I find his process for steps 1,2 and 3 to be a much more complicated than my way. Hey dhy, first let me say you are right. I didn't fully elaborate on TED. I use a custom feed that I find from http: But anyway, onto the renaming issue. I would like your help getting this TVnamer https: I believe all that worked properly. But I am lost after that.

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Any help would be appreciated. First, we should test that its working. First the naming. Then we can move on to the moving. Is there a way to have the service ask what number to start at? Everything here is set up as I'd like it to be. Though, when I run the script, I would like the service to ask me for a variable and then input it into the "start numbers at" box. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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  8. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I rename files sequentially in automator based on a variable? Ask Question. Is there a way to do this? Ryan Boles Ryan Boles 16 4. If I may, you can do this much simpler by highlighting those files in the Finder and right-clicking on one of them. Notice how the Rename option has changed to Rename x Files x being the number of selected files. Automated Media Center In this example we will use Automator to watch a given folder for new files and pass them on to FileBot: Automated Media Center for processing.

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    Make sure that the filebot console tools are installed and working: It is my first time writing scripts and I have no clue of the proper spelling of the output route. Before a real human comes by, please make sure your report has all the following points checked: What are you trying to do achieve? What's not working? What have you tried so far? Include screenshots , logs or filenames i.