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The T2 chip was also confirmed to be included in the new MacBook Air range. The new Mac mini has a slew of ports too.

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Best desktop PCs. The new Apple Mac Mini is available to buy right now. Apple first announced the new Mac Mini during its October keynote presentation, with the device hitting stores back on November 7 MacBook Air The following processors are compatible: The more recent and later Mac mini models have the processors soldered onto the logic board and thus are not upgradable.

Geekbench scores have shown that the 2. While the Mac mini G4 contained a separate graphics processor, all revisions of the Intel-based Mac mini contain integrated GPUs, except in the version where the 2. Unlike the Mac mini G4, the Intel-based Mac mini uses a dual-channel architecture for memory. While all versions of the Mac mini up to and including the revision supports user upgradeable memory after purchase, the current model does not, [50] because the memory is soldered to the logic board. Since the integrated graphics processor does not have its own dedicated memory, the system shares some of the main system memory with it.

All models continue to use 2. A Combo drive was initially offered as standard, with the SuperDrive being an option, but through the models, all models that have an optical drive contain the SuperDrive as standard. Networking is supported with a built-in Gigabit Ethernet port and an integrated Bluetooth was also made standard.

External displays are supported through a DVI port. A fifth USB 2. The AirPort card was upgraded to Bluetooth was also upgraded from 2. As of this revision, the Apple Remote is no longer included with the Mac mini.

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The Mac mini model gave access to 3 different USB busses on the back. Upgradable up to an Intel Core 2 Duo 2. Starting from the mid revision, there is a removable panel on the bottom, enabling the user to upgrade the RAM. The new Mac mini has an all-aluminium enclosure, called unibody.

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The unibody manufacturing process was originally developed for the MacBook Air [64] and later also used in the MacBook and MacBook Pro , and the iMac before being introduced into the Mac mini range. The built-in power supply negates the need for an external power supply "brick" used on earlier models. There have been other changes in the revision.

They include the elimination of the Kensington Security Slot , [66] as well as the optical drive.

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While the fifth USB 2. Mac mini models released in late used dual-core processors, which perform worse in multi-threaded workloads compared to the quad-core processors from the model. Meanwhile, single-threaded workload performance increased.

PCIe-based flash storage is standard with no option of a hard disk drive. The chassis is mostly a carryover from the previous generation, measuring the same dimensions, though is only available in a darker "space gray" finish. Memory can again be replaced, unlike the models that soldered it to the logic board.

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Apple has offered a Server configuration of the Mac mini. Later on, Apple released the OS X Server packaged app as a single purchase from the Mac App Store , containing all the separate components apps, so that any model of Mac computer could download and use them. The Mid Server model was initially the only Mac mini to entirely remove the optical drive, replacing it with a second hard drive in its place.

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However, from the Mid models onwards, all models of Mac mini had the optical drive removed. The Mac mini Server was discontinued with the Late model. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Desktop computer by Apple. Apple Inc. The named reference spec was invoked but never defined see the help page.

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October 19, Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved October 19, May 1, Archived from the original on October 22, Archived from the original on February 12, Archived from the original on April 19, Archived from the original on January 4, And thanks to a removable bottom panel, it's easy to add more CS1 maint: Archived from the original on October 20, There are three ways Apple could go with the Mac Mini design.

It can make the computer thinner and smaller at the cost of peak performance. It can leave it as it is — dated, but still visually pleasant and quite portable. Or it can upgrade its performance with the tradeoff of making the computer somewhat bulkier. Reducing size while increasing performance over the , or even Mac Mini, seems unlikely — though not impossible.

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Cannon Lake chips are built on a 10nm process, which means they pack more transistors into a tighter space and are also more power-efficient. This makes them suitable for inclusion in a new Mac Mini. Intel is already manufacturing mobile Cannon Lake processors and is about to ramp up production this year. However, Apple is unlikely to provide means of easily upgrading RAM and storage size in the new Mac Mini, so budget accordingly at the time of purchase and future-proof your computer.

These are likely the price points Apple will be aiming towards, though they could go higher — but certainly not lower.