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Ask a question. User profile for user: Edward Ciramella Edward Ciramella. Call of Duty 2 Not sure where in the world to post this, but has anyone been able to activate any of the cheats? I can load the various levels, but none of the cheats like god mode, give ammo work. Half of the fun of games like this to me is the cheating - I love playing rambo!

More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Finding info about COD2 can be a little tough since they're already up by 2 versions. Finding an active COD2 server that will enjoy a Rambo online is even tougher. Online COD's that I've played on don't usually take well to someone using cheat codes or even suspicions of it.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Churto Churto. MyKidsDad - You weren't rude, and I realized per my original post I was likely barking up the wrong tree. I never said anything about playing online I don't enjoy getting dominated by 14 year olds who have too much free time so I'm not worried about finding a server. I googled all over, and the final solution is to load the level then apply cheat codes - and I find I have to do that every time manually load the level, apply codes. Suggesting "go google something" is like saying "breathe" - that's the first stop.

You might as well have posted nothing just let my original rfh drift off into the void. COD4 is headed to the Mac in August btw Churto - Go back to digg with stupid comments like that.

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I enjoy getting unlimited frags - it's nice to have my own personal bombing run. And Solaris blows. This will enable you to enter the cheats shown below. Now you can only hold two weapons. Choose wisely because you want a gun that the enemy has, so getting ammo is not a problem. Make this gun your automatic weapon. The Lee-Enfeild is the best rifle by far, so when you have the chance, get it, because it rocks.

how to cheat in cod2

Also it is important to use plenty of smoke and frag grenades frequently. They are abundant so running out is not a problem, unlike many other FPS titles. Grenades are good because they allow you to move around willingly while your foe is either ducked for cover or lost in a haze of smoke. Well those are very basic guidelines on your way to success in COD 2 on veteran. Near the church, one of your allies will die no matter what.

His weapon should be an m1a1 carbine. This is a quick-shooting rifle that reloads slow, but it's worth it.

Usually Pvt. Domiguez drops it. When you throw a grenade into a group of enemies they throw it back towards you or kick it away. To make sure they dont pick it up and throw it shoot off a couple rounds over thier heads to keep them occupied. There are 1, possible points you can earn in Call of Duty 2. Complete training mode: Sometimes when you kill a German while he is talking, his mouth will keep moving after he's dead. If you jump on top of both of the boxes, keep jumping toward the window while pushing the main toggle stick to the right.

After a couple tries, you'll be on the other side. Jump on the tractor and onto the building. Great shooting spot if you stay low.

'Call of Duty 2' Cheats and Codes for PCs

If you decide to jump into the blue part to your left, you'll die. It's pretty much impossible to not notice that you can see through the hut. If they stick they're gun through the window, shoot it a few times, and they should be dead. To get the invisible room,you have to go to one of the France levels and go to a building. Jump on top of the window with the machine gun.

Jump a few times and you'll be in the room. You can see the whole board and people cant see you. The unstopable ladder is in Matmata,Tunisia. There be two ladders to a building with a dome top. One person stays at the top of the ladder while one climbs up.

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When they are at the same level the person at the top of the ladder moves up too. You'll be climbing a fake ladder in mid-air and fall in the dome. In it you'll be unstopable.

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  5. Acquire God Mode, All Weapons, Level Select, and More.

Kind of like the invisible room. On the first stage, rather than shooting the teddy bears, shoot bottles and plates. Shoot four of them and the commissar will kill you. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Xbox Submitted by gagaga Unlimited Ammo. Xbox Submitted by mr.

Call of Duty 2 Cheats

Xbox Submitted by Loganator Beating Veteran. Xbox Submitted by Shadow Secret Weapon. Xbox Submitted by jake Dead Men Talk.