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That should have it use the bit version. If it still doesn't work, go to the Advanced tab on the Java Prefs and set the security settings like this:. Sep 26, 1: I have the same issue - jnlp files not executing automatically when downloaded via Safari. The jnlp file gets downloaded but does not start. I have to manually launch it just by clicking it. I do NOT have that problem when using Firefox: Safari always downloads the jnlp but does not run it or let me choose to run it.

Install Java (JRE) | Mac OS 10.7 and later

I went to the Java preferences settings, but I see no setting that would change this behaviour. I tried changing the security level as you suggest. After that Safari does not even download the jnlp any longer. Firefox keeps on running as before still gives me the option to run or save.

Any ideas are welcome. Sep 26, 3: Do you have Safari set to open "Safe" files. However, it may not consider jnlp files safe, anymore. Sep 26, 4: That was it.

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I just set it to open safe files, and now it downloads and runs jnlp files automatically. Nov 28, 9: Back to the same issue again. My company uses java and jnlp to activate our web conferencing tool. That used to work, but no longer does. I had not used this web conferencing tool for a while - probably a couple of months. Java SE runtime environment 1.

Installere Java Mac OS X 10.7.X og 10.8.X

Version7 Update 9 installed. The Java Control Panel also says: Any suggestion is very welcome! Best regards, Werner. Mark Mark Bertolt Bertolt 3. Thank you for your post.

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Would you be willing to summarize the instructions from the link? It is fine to have links in answers, it is just best that the answer be self-contained - allowing future visitors to understand. Links can change, break, or any number of things. I'm just worried that the new version could mess up something what works fine so far saw couple of threads where people experience problems after installation of java 7, even with the Mail application!

How do I install Java for my Mac?

If i change it to as suggested here http: This one as well. But so far i don't see any solution to make Java Web Start to work. A detailed guide on how to solve this problem is presented in Java for OS X The problem I found is that Java Web Start is looking for a user preference that does not exist.

I was able to get this working by running:.

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Unable to locate a Java Runtime to invoke. Denis Denis 4 16

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