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Run multiple applications on a single monitor. An integrated 9-in-2 multimedia card reader allows easy access to photos or files. With 3. Using a very high quality scaling engine, the HDP will automatically size 4: For appropriate monitor configurations, scaling is automatically 1 to 1 — for example, displaying x video on a WUXGA x monitor. The HDP will also automatically adapt the input frame rate for monitor compatibility.

With its massive, wide screen, the LCDWXM provides roughly the same amount of screen area as two displays, allowing you to work simultaneously in multiple applications. With DVI. Realistic color reproduction via NEC's exclusive Capsulated Color Filter Technology is now enhanced by AccuCrimson, a filtration technology that produces the purest shade of red yet possible in a plasma display.

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Apple support for ipods, hardware, servers, Mac OS, and software. Apple Intel Dual Core Sales. Choose two 3.

Motherboard RAM: None RAM Slots: This system has four user-accessible memory slots. Video Card: What graphics card options are available? How do you upgrade the graphics card? Is it possible? Standard VRAM: Subsequent upgrades also theoretically may be possible, but the design is proprietary and third-parties are unlikely to create products given the limited market size. Display Support: Standard Storage: Storage Speed: How do you upgrade the storage in the "Gray Cylinder" Mac Pro models? How many drives of what type are supported? Storage Dimensions: Proprietary Storage Interface: Specifically, it uses a custom Apple design with a PCIe 2.

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Standard Optical: Site sponsor Other World Computing also has a variety of compact external optical drive options that may be of interest, including some with Blu-ray capability. What external optical drive options are available for the "Gray Cylinder" Mac Pro models? Standard Modem: None Standard Ethernet: Gigabit x2. Standard AirPort: USB Ports: Expansion Slots: In the US and many other countries , site sponsor Other World Computing sells a wide variety of external expansion options and hand-picked accessories including external storage, stands, keyboards, cables, adapters, speakers, and more for this Mac Pro.

In Australia, site sponsor Macfixit offers an extensive selection of external expansion options and accessories like docks, stands, chargers, keyboards, security products, and more for this Mac Pro. None Incl.

Just like the Mac mini series, this Mac Pro does not ship with a keyboard and input device by default. Case Type: Cylinder Form Factor: Mac Pro Gray Cylinder. This Mac Pro uses a glossy, dark gray, machined aluminum cylinder shaped case. Apple Order No: Late Apple Model No: Please note that these identifiers refer to more than one model. For more about these identifiers and how to locate them on each Mac, please refer to EveryMac. Battery Type: Pre-Installed MacOS: It is fully supported by the last version of macOS Sierra Running macOS High Sierra This model is compatible with the current macOS Mojave Which Macs are compatible with macOS Mojave What are the system requirements?

Are bit apps compatible? Minimum Windows: Boot Camp 5 originally supported the bit version of Windows 7, as well, but Apple quietly dropped support for it on March 5, Apple Certified Refurbished Products are pre-owned Apple products that undergo Apple's stringent refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale. While only some units are returned due to technical issues, every unit is evaluated to ensure it meets Apple's quality standards.

Each Apple Certified Refurbished Product: Refurbishment procedures follow the same basic technical guidelines as Apple's Finished Goods testing procedures. All Apple Certified Refurbished Products are covered by a one-year limited warranty. Refurbished supply is usually very limited and we often run out of refurbished inventory.

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A product will be reserved for you once you've completed checking out and we've received full authorized payment. Please note that some payment methods take longer than others and that availability of a refurbished product is not guaranteed until we receive your full payment.

Early-2006 Mac Pro 1,1 Quad-Core Xeon Upgrade

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