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There are several skills that Sims can build in order to fulfill their wants and needs. Some skills are hidden while some create talent badges. Hobbies are introduced in The Sims 2: Sims can choose any hobby they want to pursue but they will have one hobby that they will be better at. Each hobby is associated with a certain skill and having high skill points in that skill can help the Sim reach hobby levels quicker.

When a Sim reaches the highest hobby level, they can get "In the Zone. The ten hobbies are:.

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There are several timed scenarios in the game that players must complete in order to fill wants and needs. Eight expansion packs EPs were released. Expansion packs add new gameplay options as well as objects. Ten stuff packs were released. Stuff packs add items to the game and usually don't add any new interactions. Starting with The Sims 2: Bon Voyage , EA included a launcher to start the game. This feature is also included in expansion packs , stuff packs, and compilations released after Bon Voyage. It will display which Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs the player has installed, and will show a large Play button.

When connected to the internet, the launcher would also display news updates for The Sims 2 , as well as promotional material. The news display has been discontinued due to the removal of The Sims 2 website, but the Launcher still displays promotional material for other games in the series. There is a delay between the time the Play button appears and the time this promotional pane loads, and it is possible to click the Play button before the promotional pane finishes loading.

As of August 24, , it is necessary to do this, or to otherwise bypass the Launcher, as some of the new promotional content has been observed to cause the Launcher to stop responding. The Sims 2 Store was an online store launched in July where players used real money to purchase items from expansion and stuff packs.

Exclusive store items were also released for players to purchase.

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Items ranged from Sim points. During development the graphics of the game were distinctly different from the final version, with different models and lighting used. There are screenshots and videos featuring many assets that ultimately went unused , such as beehive and French braid hairstyles, as well as unreleased neighborhoods such as Riverside and Waterside.

The former two were mostly used in video previews and a third neighborhood, Sedona, is included as a terrain template in the final release.

Several features were intended to be included in the game but were removed before the final release, such as Weather and rain. More scenarios were planned, including power outage, grandchild, engagement and Big Boss scenarios. The user interface originally resembled the interface from SimCity 4 , but was later changed to a completely different interface.

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Other minor elements such as hospital births, shoplifting, and breakfast in bed were also intended to be in the game but were ultimately cut. A common rumor is that an early version of The Sims 2 was destroyed in a server room fire at EA, forcing them to recreate much of the game from scratch. Although a server fire did occur, it did not affect the game's development.

Cheats can be used to enhance the gameplay experience or assist in the creation of movies and stories. The Sims 2 Beta trailer screenshot Busted! Gotta pee An affair The cops! The Sims 2 advertisement on the back cover of The Sims: Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The Sims 2 Second main title in The Sims series. TS2 Sims 2. Contents [ show ]. Main article: The Sims 2 Store Edition. If you are having difficulty playing these files, see media help. The Sims 2 Logo Original. The Sims 2".

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Its layout and content is an example of excellence on The Sims Wiki. Dates featured: The Sims 4. The Sims Stories. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Developer s. Publisher s. Designer s. T ACB: M PEGI: Native resolution. Mouse , keyboard. Life simulation game. Sim , Alien , Ghost , Grim Reaper. Pleasantview , Strangetown , Veronaville , Tutorial. The Sims.

Expansion packs. Console games. Compilation packs. The Sims 2. Stuff packs. The Sims 3. Game packs. Other games. You should have a balanced way of treating and approaching your pets. Just like human sims, your pets can also interact with other animals and get friendly with them. In some instances, the friendship between pets can evolve into something more and before you even know it, you already have a bunch of baby animals under your roof.

Taking care of so many pets can be challenging but who can say no to cute little puppies and kittens? If you are worried about overcrowding, then rest assured that it will never come to that. The number of pets you can keep in a household depends on the number of human sims living there.

One sim is equal to six pets at a time.

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Taking care of pets in the Sims 2 is almost exactly the same as in real life. Pets can be trained, needs praise and scolding, and needs constant attention.

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They also age as time passes by so be sure to treasure every moment with them. The family. Nothing More. Best Game. Awesome thanks guys idk why i'm playing this game What do you think about The Sims 2 Pets? Do you recommend it?

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View full description. Softonic review You can now take care of pets both in real life and the game. Train your furry buddy Your pets can become your best friends in the Sims game and you can even train them to do jobs! Love your pets Taking care of pets in the Sims 2 is almost exactly the same as in real life. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Solve your problems with this patch. Steam The ultimate games platform from Valve. Call of Duty New multiplayer map and some bug fixes. Download The Sims 2 Pets 2. Free Download for Windows. User reviews about The Sims 2 Pets.