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It makes use of advanced techniques to scan your entire hard drive for recoverable files and lets you recover them with ease. Mac data recovery software is backed by competent algorithms that can successfully attain restoration of permanently deleted data. Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery un-deletes files within a few clicks.

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Additionally, it restores all deleted items with their original file names so that you can recognize them easily. Moreover, if one or more volumes on your Mac fails to mount, data recovery software Mac can come to your aid and recover all your inaccessible data intact. Advanced scanning techniques make it possible for this software to scan the entire hard drive for recoverable photos, music, and videos and recover them with ease. Mac data recovery was never so versatile! Just connect an external drive and proceed with Mac disk recovery.

This Mac file recovery software allows you to pick a mode from the sophisticated scanning modes available. Advanced Scan may take a little more time than a quick scan, but it guarantees better results. The product can correctly identify over different file types and match them accurately to regain inaccessible files.

If the BootCamp partition on your Mac has been deleted, damaged or corrupted, you can easily revive it with this file recovery for Mac software. And the best part about it is that this feature works even if your Mac is not setup as a standard Boot Camp dual-partitioned disk. Stellar data recovery Mac application is a boon for damaged optical media. It can proficiently filter and recover all data stored on damaged or improperly burnt optical media with no alteration to the original content.

Although a Time Machine Backup is supposed to house your critical data so that you can refer to it in emergencies, the drive on which you store the backup can get structurally damaged. Just download this best Mac data recovery software, connect your backup drive to your Mac, and launch the application. The software treats a Time Machine drive as a normal hard drive and presents the same user-friendly options to salvage all your crucial data.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Alongside Time Machine data recovery, the software now supports Apple Time Capsule on sparse bundle disk images. Recovering data from encrypted hard disks is super easy for this brilliant application. Just connect the drive to your Mac and launch the software. It will then ask you to enter the password to unlock the drive. But you should exercise caution to remember your drive password. In addition to providing impeccable data recovery software for Mac, this product offers you the chance to create an entire image of your Mac hard drive and store it for future use.

The disk image file. DMG can be stored on your hard drive or any other external drive and can be later used for Mac data recovery using this software. If you spot bad sectors on your Mac hard drive, use this feature to create and keep a mountable image of your Mac hard drive, volume, or selected region so that even in the case of media failure, you have a complete backup.

Your Mac can become unbootable if its boot volume gets damaged or corrupted. Boot the Mac using the startup disc and then run data recovery Mac software to recover all your data. It is safe and reliable Mac data recovery software which recovers deleted, in accessible and lost data from the Mac hard drive and storage media like SD card, USB drive or any other external HD.

It provides the users to recover various data recovery modes to get their deleted data back very easily. Thanks Stellar for saving my data! Fast scanning and recovery with high level of accuracy. Premium software More. Dynamically ahead of its competitor. I exchanged round of telephonic calls with Stellar so that my lost drive content could be recovere d. I must say Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software and the technical support are both sophisticated and handles client cases exceptionally well. Strong Support.

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Remote Login. Some files might become corrupt More. You will need to buy it for completing the recovery process. Very good software for data recovery from any type of Hard Drive. Worked very well when needed to recover photo from a memory card. Paid Software More. Thanks from Mexico.

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In spite of language barriers, Stellar support put all its effort to resolve my data loss problems. I hope ne xt version to be quicker More. Mac refused to read the disk and asked for initializing it. Disk Utili ty and Disk Warrior were of no help since both recognize the drive as a single drive. Then here comes Phoenix.

It located the unreadable volumes and so far, all the data that was on the drive. Guess what it made the complete recovery of each and every file. It passed all boundaries to recover back data when others tools surrendered. Do you recommend it? With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready. Mac partition recovery software ensures you regain access to your lost volumes and all data stored on them without any hassle. Version 9. Hard drive formatting though mostly beneficial has the severe drawback of erasing all data on your hard drive.

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Your Time Machine backup drive is the storehouse of all your Mac data backups. Failure of the TM drive could mean doom.

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Connect your TM drive to your Mac and launch the software. It will treat your TM drive as another hard drive and offer all the same options for data recovery as any other drive. I forgot to transfer the photos from the memory card and formatted it. I was really feeling low, as there were the photos of the entire engagement ceremony of my cousin. It is Stellar Data Recovery that brought the data back.