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I know it was a real frustration to you but it was funny to read. And Orange is a private company? A communication company had communication problems! It is true what you said, sadly the communication company has communication problems within. Awesome, just amazing! Gal we are open for buisness and starts up and invest in Jordan.

When you are in deep debt, you start enjoying your own misery and enjoying everything ,even if you are being lynched by another or JD for absolutely nothing! Just another small figure on top of your debt account: This is your golden chance. You should totally relief all your suppressed anger on the world think about reform in JO, think Palestine,think hungry kids,Britney Spears, Iraq,injustice, orphans, Bush,etc…..

Usually any pay point,cashier or anything has its own log of transactions at a given day,it would be in a CSV file inside the machine. Call the CC center for Visa and Mastercard it is a centralized office, ICC for Visa let them fax you your statement expect another funny,bloggable incident.

Then just go there and loose it, till people and the security guy take you on side and offer you gahweh till the mudeer comes out after digging after your issue. Look, min al akher? Just be senseless and enjoy wasting your money and time for a simple issue. Think about it another day off away from work. I had it enough with Orange, end it up borrowing the neighbors wifi! Orange, you have serious issues, be it orange or wanadoo or whatever, you simply suck, run as a governmental dept, same mentality and even same old staff, but new colors,logo and rundown furniture.

My parents sold their house to help my with my debt five years ago. They disconnected the line. Last year, a lawyer called in saying they had unpaid bills for the line. Open Al Rai, go to court announcements, they are mostly Orange vs. Go to hell Orange. People of Jordan, please drop your fixed line, mobile phone are cheaper! Go with wireless iternet. Question, have you guys had any experience with the Orange 3G service on the iPhone or through tethering?

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What kind of speeds do you get? I have to admit though, I love the entrepreneurial spirit people are showing in the country. Three Wi-MAX provdors? That is just awesome! Kulacom is much cheaper as it is unlimited, the yearly 1mb connection gets upgraded to 2mb. Sama used to be good, until very recently.

But through tremendous effort, they have now managed to become second-worst right after the unchallenged leader, Orange. A word to the wise: Kbps links? For scale, 10GiB can be downloaded in just 24 hours over a 1Mbps link. On a 4Mbps link, it will take 6 hours. Then you most probably have a Kbps link for the rest of the month. Living in France is a nightmare if you want any sort of internet connection. A month and a half and several reminder phone calls later, a box turns up…with an ASDL line.

We called, complained, sent the box back and told them we no longer required their services. As soon as I had paid the bill, they sent out a letter with barely an apology, stating they had made a mistake and that we were not nor had ever been connected with them. The internet connection would stop at anytime for days on end and no amount of pleading with their customer services would get it turned back on again and I paid the bill on time every month.

I wanted to smash up my livebox too when I had to hand it in, only the thought of them hounding me for years on end for the stupid box was too much to bare. Good presentation. What is the latest?

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Look, plz make a nice post listing current ISP and updated prices for 1mb line,nothing more. ADSL 1mb 1. TE Data?? Splendor Dead 8. Cyberia Dead 9. IO Net Dead Wireless UMAX 1. Zain e-go too exp to mention 2.

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Mada 3. Umniah,confusing schemes 5. Just noticed your new update regarding kulacom, currently subscribed with them and must I regret it, you should test it for a week before deciding. Second their browsing is slow ping is as slow as to , gotta pause while loading youtube videos on 1mbit connection.

Third, well their support sucks, a couple of weeks the CPE went dead and it took them 4 days to replace it after I kept calling over and over, and even after replacing the new one still gives me problems and a lot of disconnects. Shu Sar ma3ak ya Naseem? Costs more than others. Depends where you live? VTEL rolled out a fiber optic network in Amman and I have been told they are the best…check out their web site: Orange is the worst and their service is horrible…it makes me mad when I rememeber their poor service!

Honestly, Orange needs to be left alone until it gets its business in order. It was a lot better when it was Wanadoo. I simply reached my download capacity and they refused to let me add extra bandwidth until 8 AM in the morning. They might as well not have any customer support at all, because people become more angry when dealing with them! Did any one try and call the complaints department at the TRC?

Toll Free Just like one of the ISP here on my place. Sometime business establishments happen to do some poor service. I wonder what they are thinking, now.

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However, I think an offer from Mada is a good offer. Damn Kulacom! I might be a little late in writing this post, but it came up to me after a search did at Google with the criteria: This is my first miserable time connecting internet to my home, where in the past I would leave normal email checking at work, and chatting in an internet cafe due to their abundant supply of it in Jordan. At first it was great, having a three out of five signal on the CPE, and after a month receiving an antenna to have it jump up one point what for and sometimes having it reach five points late at night.

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To be honest, I wanted an internet connection at home to help with the many downloads I have had to perform and after being kicked out of some cafes for them they have no respect to a student here. Suddenly, I saw their ad on one of the bridges that are on the way to the 7th circle, and said why the hell not try them out.

But to all perfect images there has to be at least one flaw, and that began happening on July. Their service became worse and worse. After a few calls with them, I was told that they were upgrading their network, and would need some time to disconnect their users. I mean they did it once, why stop. If it costs them money to send SMS, they have our damned email addresses on the forms that we filled.

After a few arguments with their customer support who by the way are always interchanged by two people by the name of Mohammad , I was asked to try and cope with them for some time until they finish upgrading the network, in which case they shall try to perform these disconnections at night. Thank you for the great response.

However there was one thing that left me quite dumbfounded: I mean i would have understood wikipedia showing up and skype having an error in connecting, but this was the other way around. After a small talk with customer support and at last another person not called Mohammad came up they told me that they want to reboot the CPE. Another call to the person, and he wants me to give him my password.

What is a password if I kept giving it to them shall change it now for those kulacom employees out there reading this post and wanting to get back at me. To end a long comment, mate, there are no perfect ISPs in Jordan. They all SUCK. To be honest mate, after reading your post, and some of the comments above, and finally writing my comment, thank you, you made my day happier.

Nothing is perfect here, and thus I shall do as my parents guide me: Screw them, let them have fun with their robbing, we shall have the last laugh later inshaAllah. I am now a Kulacom user for about 1 week. But I can tell you a lot from my little experience with Kulacom.

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Orange at least gives me 10 GB to download at full speed, which I paid for by the way, but with Kulacom you can only dream about having full speed! The Kulacom salesman did not tell the truth when I was asking about their services, he described it as if it was the internet connection from heaven!! I did not believe him, but I expected some parts to be true.

Well, I do not blame the salesman, he would never sell a contract if he told the truth. When I signed the contract with Kulacom, I was promised to get the the technician in 3 days period, well, a week has been passed, I even did not get a call back! With Orange, I got a technician the same day I signed the contract. I too work in a Professional Services Provider Company, but we have much much much higher standards than Kulacom: I will be only telling truth and nothing but the truth?

I am a real person living in Amman, my email is belal. I subscribed with Kulakom 2 weeks ago for their wimax!! Firstly, did you ever find a good Internet connection here in jordan? After monitoring my internet connection for one month I figured out that sometimes JCS shapes my traffic slowing down torrents and known file hosting websites, specially in day time, to me this is not a good thing, traffic shaping must be an option. I flew in from the U. I am recently a JCS customer. I had few days delay when they installed the internet at home.

They also recommend a dlink wireless router as as all other brands as they claim raise issues of connectivity.. I use tp link and yes internet goes down at times.. I tried before witribe, mada, zain 3g, orange adsl, batelco adsl. They always accused the ISP of creating the issue.. Never realised internet services are that bad in Jordan. Could I please get some recommendations as to which internet service provider to join in Irbid?

My apartment will have no phone line which is how I am connected to the internet here in Saudi, got out of dial-up about 2 — 3 years ago. If it is possible to watch Youtube on at least p without cut-offs and constant buffering, that would be great. I cannot tolerate constant breakdowns. Works alright. Download speeds are nowhere near the advertised speed, much much lower… and I live right next to the damn Zain agency! My biggest gripe is the capped download limit and horrendous ping… how the hell can anyone live with a limit imposed on how much they download and their server response ping?

They use WiMax. Now the offers, there are special promotions at night from 2am to 7am. You have to pay You also have to sign a contract that you will remain as their customer for one year. Should you wish to leave them, you are presented with a fine of 70 JD. Can I trust them? BlueZone wireless , will never give you what you are paying for, I had 4M speed subscription, I get at the best 1. Speed is crap. Zain wireless , I have no idea how I get the 10GB download limit finished, while I am not using the internet for videos.

In europe, I pay 10 euros for 40M line, using that for TV and download all day long without any problems, for example a MB file takes one minute. Kulacom, it has been the best guys! Simply they all have one methodology if there is great profit do not change the situation. I have tried many as your and and I was happy for 1 day only when I get 7mb for the first time from evo which drops down after that to 22kb with a final answer we will not upgrade the tower take your remaining money only back!!!

They only see us a dollar sign and it size depend on what you pay. So what to do? Sharing is Caring: The Mujamaleh: So if anyone can try Kulacom at their location, try it.

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Umniah to deploy a USB dongle within two months sorry Umniah management for the spoiler 2. Well, I hear you when you talk about Orange, and believe me I am not trying to bash the company but throughout the last year It was terrible and the worst part was customer service after calling, writing, and trying every possible way to let my complaints be heard… This year I switched to Kullakom, up till now it is fairly good and not expensive.

I hope that would be of help to you Naseem. Jordan is an amazing place full of potential, but the telecom industry is holding it back. Go with Mada, USB dongle just makes the deal. Thanks for keeping us updated, Orange really proved itself terrible. Hopefully, you will find a decent Internet provider in the Kingdom.

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