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There are some simple ways to do this, as described below.

Perform the following steps each time you plan to distribute a final electronic copy of a Word document:. As a final catch all, when you are ready to share an electronic copy of a completed Word or Excel document:. Examples of hidden or personal information that are stored in Office documents include: Tracked changes, comments, annotations, and versions, even if not displayed Hidden text or data cells Presentation notes Previously deleted text Name of author and person who last modified the file To protect any sensitive information from accidentally being made public, Information Technology Services recommends that you get into the habit of removing this information before distributing final electronic copies of your documents.

Word 2011: How to Print Background Colors and Images of Current Document

Perform the following steps each time you plan to distribute a final electronic copy of a Word document: Open the document. The Document Inspector window appears as follows. Note that the options will vary slightly, depending on whether you are using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. If you are using Microsoft Word, select at a minimum, the following options: The system will search for items that pertain to the categories you selected.

Word for Mac can’t print backgrounds

If it finds any items, you will be prompted to remove them. For example, my colors were shades of yellow and blue with a "horizontal" gradient. Well, I edited to the cover until it looked great.

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However, anytime I try to print it, it prints only one color with NO gradient. This is also how it appears one color when I see it in print preview before I try to print. The two transparency sliders on the option selection box are frozen and can't be used, although you might think that they could be.

How To Add A Full Page Background To An MS Word Document

Does anyone know if this might be indicative or a problem? I also want to note that if I select any editing formats from the background color's other three categories, "texture", "pattern" and "picture", any changes I make show up correctly in the print preview and actually do print correctly.

How to Print with No Margins MS Word Mac OS X

As another note, I have another question thread going where I have not been able to pull up my template and other galleries so it appears that this portion of my Word software is corrupt. Any help anyone can suggest would be greatly appreciated.

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Looks like you're having all sorts of problems with Word. The gradient printing may depend on whether or not your printer supports it.

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I keep two printers setup for Word: I usually switch between them depending on what I'm printing. The only thing I can suggest is make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your printer.