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The best way to unban yourself from Omegle is to change your IP address. Don't worry, it is easier than it sounds Registration is not required, and chats are completely anonymous. However, users can indicate their personal interests, and the service will then look for other users who are into the same things.

You do have to log in to your Facebook account to do that, though, so keep that in mind. College students who use the service can enter their college email address ending in. XX or. XX to verify they're in college. They can then be connected with other college students for chat sessions.

The service was created in by year old Leif K-Brooks. Initially, the site offered only text chat but added a video-chat feature in March Omegle does not offer an app to allow chatting from mobile devices. However, the website works just fine by using a browser on mobile devices. If the strangers you get matched with drop you with noticeable regularity, Omegle will take notice and begin to get a bit suspicious.

This one can be related to reason 1, or it could be related to your saying something that offended someone - or maybe THEY were being the jerk, and they like getting other users banned. Sadly, Omegle has been known to err on the side of caution when believing user reports, quickly banning the accused within the blink of a virtual eye. Omegle tracks users via their IP address. An IP address is a numeric label identifying your device on a network, be it a local network or on the internet.

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You remember snail mail, right? By tracking your IP address, Omegle can connect you to other users for chats. However, they can also use that same IP address to ban you from their service, simply by blocking your IP address from connecting to their chat servers. The best way to unban yourself from Omegle is to somehow change your IP address. You can go through a bunch of gymnastics to change your IP address by unplugging your cable modem, resetting your router, or even, in some cases, contacting your Internet Service Provider to get them to assign you a new IP.

Readers who are familiar with my website will know that one of my favorite online tools is a Virtual Private Network VPN.

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VPNs make for a great way to unblock various kinds of online content and services, and Omegle is no exception. By doing this, it makes it appear the user is connected from another location, which can be anywhere, from across town to around the world. A new IP address is especially valuable to an Omegle user who has been banned. Being able to obtain a new IP address means that a banned user can once again connect to Omegle, as the service sees the new IP address as a completely different user.

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This makes a VPN a great tool to keep in your online arsenal for almost all online activities. VPNs also make a great way to protect your internet connection, and its related online activities and personal information, by encasing it in a layer of encryption and keeping it safe from prying eyes.

I always turn on my VPN connection whenever I use my laptop or mobile device on a public Wi-Fi hotspot, like those found at coffee shops, hotels and other public locations. ExpressVPN is a safe and reliable VPN provider, supplying fast encrypted connections, great multi-platform support, and comprehensive global server coverage and customer support. What am I doing wrong?? Didn't work for me: I really want my account unbanned too. I did get the email about account being suspended tho.

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Same thing. The only things that I did wrong were setting my zone to "None" and my watermark to a 10 through Modio. Any tips? Alright, this is my first post here so be gentle, also I would not have posted except people recently posted and others might not be posted but still be interested. As someone who is very good at social engineering, and essentially manipulation I have a suggestion. Since people seem to be having issues with the original exploit and as the original poster said XBL has a lot of false positives for bad dvd trays, here is a suggestion:.

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When you call, do not suggest that you have a bad dvd drive. No one except a complete idiot is going to fall for that. They've heard it a million and 3 times. So instead, you bait them into assuming the dvd drive is bad. First you complain complain nicely , then you act super frustrated, as the call goes on and they continue to try and help you resolve the issue this is why you complain nicely you try things, you try and come up with ideas.

The employee will more than likely hear the queue, they KNOW the system bans for DVD drive issues, and they will come to the conclusion on their own. Excuse the language but it's true I just got banned for life cause I changed the color of my avatars hair using horizon!

That's it! Hair color change. Like are you f cking with me right now?!? Alright I'm gonna go do that stuff lol and try get my account back: The image below is an actual image of my account being banned. Sign into the banned account via the Xbox website. Edit your motto, bio or whatever you choose. Replace the motto with any swear word, or combo of swear words.

You can get creative if you want. Step 2 Form Your Army Now we need to get our group of buddies to help us out in a last-ditch effort to restore our account. Here is my account back in working order: Want more Null Byte? Thats why I will always be a pc gamer. But didn't you know? Everyone's a tough-guy online.

I did this and got a "temporary suspended" email and still banned to this day: I'm not sure, it lets other people ;d. Since people seem to be having issues with the original exploit and as the original poster said XBL has a lot of false positives for bad dvd trays, here is a suggestion: Through coached deductive reasoning: Hmmm this customer seems reasonably upset, but isn't a jerk.