Mac computers through the years

Although some models were classified as All-In-One, they had separate monitors packaged in the same box. Colour graphics set the Apple II apart from its rivals on the market. This next iteration of the Apple c omputer for business was created primarily to compete with business computing companies like IBM. The Apple IIe keyboard was built in to the computer and did away with the numeric keypad. The Macintosh, for most of us, was the computer that started it all. In the first demonstration of the product at MacWorld, Steve Jobs pulled the very first Macintosh out of the bag and demonstrated product features that most of us take for granted now.

The Plus version of the Macintosh originally featured the same beige colour as the original Macintosh, but in was changed to the warm gray Platinum colour that would characterize Apple computers for years to come. With this model, Apple did away with the 5. Two cases actually came out for the Classic II. The pictured one has a speaker cutout on the left side for better sound.

40 years of Apple - in pictures

In doing away with the tower and keeping the computing power, Apple completely revolutionized the desktop computer industry. Johnathan Ive, the designer who was later the mastermind of the Cube, designed the iMac G3. The eMac was made available as a cheaper option to the educational market than the iMac. It was nicknamed the iLamp because of its swiveling monitor. Marc Burr. This was simply an update to the Macintosh II. Introduced with the Quadra as the first Apple systems to feature Ethernet networking.

The evolution of the MacBook

This was the last in the Quadra line. The PowerMac G3 was tested and proven to be the fastest desktop computer of its time by Byte Magazine. This shared the hardware with its predecessor but little else. The case was redesigned to bring it in line with the new iMac. This line was sold by Apple between and While the hardware varied between models, they all adhered to the same basic design principles.

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At the time of its launch the Power Mac G5 was touted as the fastest computer ever built. The designer of the Cube, Jonathan Ive, won several international awards for its design. Image by Apple. This diminutive computer only measured 6. It weighed in at 2.

40 years of Apple - in pictures | Technology | The Guardian

The PowerBook was a result of a collaboration between Sony and Apple — Sony miniaturized the parts for Apple for the The and the are the first PowerBooks completely designed by Apple. This precursor to the MacBook Air was a subnotebook that interfaced with larger storage media either through a docking port or through cables. Personal digital assistant designed for classroom use and based on the Newton engine.

The Wallstreet model , pictured above, marked the last use of the rainbow-coloured Apple logo. The PowerBook G3 was a built-to-order laptop which allowed users to customize what they wanted on the machine. The first generation of the iBook featured a clamshell design and wireless networking. Many design advances were incorporated into this complete redesign, including the L-Shaped hinge for the screen and a slim-line design.

A slot loading drive and a lack of translucent design characterized this release of the iBook. Aluminum was used for the first time in this incarnation of the PowerBook. Johnathan Ive, the same award-winning product designer responsible for the Cube, designed this PowerBook. The aluminum standard by which all others are measured. Apple changed the game with an updated iMac that used, for the first time, Intel processors.

Apple also included its redesigned keyboard, Mighty Mouse and Apple Remote. This aluminum model was notable for its unibody design and Additionally, Apple included its new wireless accessories: Because of its radically thin design, this iMac also banished the SuperDrive in favor of its digital hub via iTunes and the App Store. Apple released its first iMac with Retina display three years after the hi-def screens first appeared in its MacBook Pro line.

Macintosh Plus

With This generation also incorporated an advanced timing controller that had four times the bandwidth of the previous model and included OS X Yosemite. The Dubbed the most powerful Mac ever, it features 8-, , and core Xeon processor configurations, Turbo Boost up to 4.

This model includes Thunderbolt 3 ports that can control up to 44 million pixels and a 10Gb Ethernet port. Its It features enhanced stereo speakers for better frequency response, richer bass, and more volume. But prices can climb quickly into the five-digit range. Check out our Mingis on Tech episode devoted to the iMac Pro. All Slides.

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