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Show displays the same dialog box as "Advanced Find and Replace", but it shows the tab that you last selected when you ran the full version of that dialog box, and greys the other two out.

Microsoft Table of Contents — Word (Mac)

So if you last did a "Find", you actually get the "Find" version of the dialog and no possibility to switch to "Replace" or "Goto". None of the documented builtin dialog arguments see http: So I do not think that the full dialog, with all tabs enabled, can be displayed via the Dialogs. Show mechanism. Even if it could, you'd still have to be able to select the tab programmatically, but. DefaultTab property of the Dialog, it isn't obvious how because no values are listed for that particular dialog in the wdWordDialogTab enum, and it doesn't look as if they are either allocated sequentially 1,2, Or find an existing implementation.

But I don't think a full emulation of the builtin dialog box would be trivial. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Any ideas how I can do this for a large document? When I just typed 0C I got both characters in superscript. Then I tried with braces.

Worked well. Thanks again! You should really use the degree symbol, not a superscripted zero, for degrees. I have hundreds of superscript characters not footnote markers that have a space before them and punctuation after it. Thanks, Peter. Your method works with Word for the Mac. One caveat, though: Ordinarily, the find and replace function will match the bold, italic, and background tint when replacing.

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This was the most helpful information ever. You saved my life, thank you!

Word 2013 For Dummies

This should be easy enough. The steps below are for Word for Windows, but you should be able to do the same in Mac the commands may be a little different. Check if the superscripts are the same font size I assume they are if the data was exported from somewhere else. Identify what the superscript font size is e.

Replace Default in Advanced Find and Replace

For the rest of these steps I assume 8 pt superscript and 11 pt body text. Click More to open the extra options on that dialog box. Put your cursor in the Find field, then click the Format button. In the Size column, select the font size used for the superscripts e. Select the Superscript checkbox. Click OK. Put your cursor in the Replace field, then click the Format button. In the Size column, select the font size used for the main text e.

Pages 101 for Mac - Full Tutorial!

Click Find Next , then Replace for the first few. Only once you are confident it works, then click Replace All ; otherwise, keep clicking Find Next and replacing individually. Hi Rhonda: Thanks for the instant reply with the welcomed advice that I can make the global adjustment of the superscript size. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Display find and replace, replace selected

Notify me of new comments via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Blog at WordPress. Word Where to Check Specifies whether to search the entire drawing, the current layout, or the currently-selected object. Find What Specifies the text string you want to find.

Replace With Specifies the text string you want to use to replace the found text. Select Objects Button Closes the dialog box temporarily so that you can select objects in your drawing. Replace Replaces found text with the text that you enter in Replace With and moves to the next instance of the found text if one exists. Replace All Finds all instances of the text that you enter in Find What and replaces it with the text in Replace With.

Find Finds the text that you enter in Find What. Search Options Defines the type of objects and words to be found. Match Case Includes the case of the text in Find What as part of the search criteria. Search XRefs Includes text in externally referenced files in search results. Search Blocks Includes text in blocks in search results. Ignore Hidden Items Ignores hidden items in search results. Match Diacritics Matches diacritical marks, or accents, in search results. Text Types Specifies the type of text objects you want to include in the search.

Block Attribute Value Includes block attribute text values in search results. Dimension or Leader Text Includes dimension and leader object text in search results. Single-Line or Multiline Text Includes text objects such as single-line and multiline text in search results.

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  • Hyperlink Description Includes text found in hyperlink descriptions in search results. Hyperlink Includes hyperlink URLs in search results.