Annies microwavable mac and cheese calories

So yummy! Low sodium box is misleading.

Microwavable Mac & Cheese w/ Real Aged Cheddar

The box with the least sodium is the bunny version g. It's good but unhealthy. Better than Kraft.

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  • Annie's Mac & Cheese, White Cheddar.
  • Annie's Microwavable Macaroni and Cheese.
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  • Real Aged Cheddar Microwavable Mac & Cheese - Annie's Homegrown.
  • 23 reviews.

I wish it was a better rating because it is just so good!!!! I don't understand. Why does this have a low rating? Organic, healthy. Why not have an A rating? Doesn't make sense to me at all? Will not buy again. I bought this for my daughter and I wound up throwing it away because of the clumps of silicone that were in it.

ASMR (Whispering, Chewing) Eating Annie's Mac & Cheese for Dindin

I tried some of it and it didn't even taste like anything. Glad I got it on sale because it was a waste of money.


I don't even want to try other products now. Stephanie Nov, 10, Jena Oct, 24, Magnificent Macaroni! This mac and cheese is so delicious! As a college kid, I rely on my microwave for almost everything and so knowing that what I am eating is all organic and produced ethically, not only my mind is happy, but so is my stomach. Melanie Aug, 13, Tastes like soap Disgusting. As if they never taste-tested their own product. Doesn't taste like cheese. Has an after-taste of soap, as if the powder is soap and not cheese.

Something has to be wrong with the product or they need a new taste tester. Product isn't expired or anything.

White Cheddar Microwavable Mac & Cheese Cup

Tossed it. First time I've tried the microwave version. Never had a problem with the boxes, or the gluten free ones. I'd give it a negative if I could. Fay Jul, 28, Is the container made of plastic? Many of the articles I read say not to microwave plastic because it releases dioxins into the food.

Annie's Mac & Cheese, White Cheddar: Calories, Nutrition Analysis & More | Fooducate

Dioxins are carcinogenic. Abby Apr, 28, My 2 year old son is a very picky eater but he loves his Annie's mac and cheese so far! Mamma Mia Apr, 27, I bought 1 bowl for my son to try because I needed the convenience since we weren't at home. I read the instructions and the first no-no was to add water. Well instead of water I added milk to the fill-line and mixed well. Next, plastic will leech in with the food, so I transferred over to a ceramic bowl I only kept the plastic bowl to figure out the fill-line for the milk. Then I microwaved the mixture for 2 minutes.

Poured in the loose cheese powder and mixed well. At the end I added an extra tablespoon of milk for that extra creamy texture. Ta-da tastes just like Annie's boxed Mac and cheese.

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So the key here is to use milk, a ceramic bowl, and to stir well! I like Annie's because it isn't so salty like Kraft's. My son never finishes it. Serving Size: Total Fat 4. Saturated Fat 2. Iron 0. Does this review mean it has BPA in the packaging? No rating. Have Annie's Mac and cheese! Way better than craft! It is soooooo good.

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