How to change region code on mac

Allows user to set the DVD region code without an admin password. uses cookies.

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Downloads 17, Version Downloads 17, License Free. Date 08 Jan Price Free. Mac's have open firmware, but not a BIOS. This is only complicated as most of the firmware flashers are os9 based, and that's now legacy - well that and the drives Apple use now are hard to get the firmware off to patch to make RPC I'm slightly tired of mr. Know-it-alls hammering this line. Let's see what Open Firmware does: Interfaces components of the computer with one another, and the user. Boots everything.

Apple DVD Player Region Codes | MacRumors Forums

Basically handles Basic Input and Output, as a System. Why, you might as well make an acronym out of that.

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Something like That's right, it's the same fsckinging thing. In fact, another word for BIOS is, as you'd expect it, "firmware". Same Fscking Thing. Sheesh, some morons That's it!

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If you kids don't stop arguing, I will turn this iMac around. Do you want that?! Stop the fussing. Know-it-all is just arguing semantics.

How to Change the Region Code on a MacBook Pro

Or F1. Or Enter. Or whatever the manufacturer chooses. Now sit down. We've got another seven hours until we get to the hotel, and I am NOT stopping at another rest area! Just going by the definition of firmware in the wikipedia!

From Wikipedia: BIOS refers to the software code run by a computer when first powered on. The primary function of BIOS is to prepare the machine so other software programs stored on various media such as hard drives, floppies, and CDs can load, execute, and assume control of the computer BIOS is sometimes called firmware because it is an integral part of the system hardware Isn't that a workaround? Don't you then have to rip and burn the DVD to get it to work?

I think the parent was trying to play the original discs. It's still kind of a workaround, but you don't have to burn it back to DVD. Not only that, but VLC ignores copy protection. I opened it in VLC and it played fine.

How to change DVD region to suit your country - DVD not playing

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Play DVDs from any region Dec 06, '05 Most Macs have region-encoded DVD drives, and you only get to change regions a few times before you get stuck with one region. On some Macs, it is possible to do complicated reflashing of BIOSes to get around this, but not on all, and that has its own dangers. It just ignores region encoding, letting you play whatever DVD you like it works this way with the PC version, too, in case you have one of those in addition to your Mac. It has a number of other nice features, like letting you skip previously-unskippable parts of DVDs