Force eject cd from mac laptop

Boot the computer into Single-user Mode. At the prompt enter the same command as used above. To restart the computer enter "reboot" at the prompt without quotes. Page content loaded. The only other thing I can think for you to try after Kappy's advice would be to hold the MacBook upside down while pressing the eject button Jan 3, 5: Jan 4, 3: This same thing is happening to my Macbook.

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Whatever you do don't bother taking it to an Apple Store for help. I dropped mine off for repair for this reason and the back battery eject lever is broken.

Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD

I was their for 1 hr and the tech had my computer out back for 45 minutes before they let me go. They said it would take 1 wk to replace the optic driver and repair switch. I bought a back up drive so they could back it up because they could not promise data would not be lost.

They said this would add 1 day to the repair. They called me yesterday to say they found RUST inside my computer which has never been wet. And anything they deemed not working would need to be replaced. I asked them to email the pictures of this as I was at work. They refused. They said legally they could not email me pictures of what is going on in my computer. They had my computer for 4 days and now wanted to send it somewhere to an "Apple repair center".

They know this is a work computer that I use daily at work. I went to pick it up because the whole thing seems fishy to me. They said somewhere else may be able to just replace the Optic Driver without sending it out,etc. They again refused to give me pictures about what they were talking about.

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We will show you on our Ipad only. The manager tried to give me her business card and when I did not want it got irritated and annoyed. I'm not sure what her business card was going to do for the situation. They will try everything they can to complicate anything going on! To top it off they opened the computer and were trying to start the repair.

They opened it up without backing up my data! And there was dirt all over my screen when I opened it in the store. It was clean when I dropped it off. Mar 19, 6: Aug 19, 5: I tried all these post and the only thing that worked was force quiet by holding down the power button and on reboot, held down the eject botton. I am sure these are not the best options, but I did not realize that I put a Karaoke disk in. Oct 1, 6: If you can see the title of CD or DVD that is stuck in the drive, highlight it, then click the eject button in the top toolbar.

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Sometimes this forces it to load so you can use the on-screen eject button. Instead, Apple made use of the ability of optical drives to respond to an open or close command sent over the drive's electrical interface. External optical drives typically respond to the seven methods of ejecting a CD or DVD on a Mac, but they also have a few tricks of their own.

Safe way to eject stuck CD from crashed Macbook

The external eject button's function can be overridden if your Mac thinks the optical disc is in use. You can get around this problem by first quitting the app that is using the optical drive and then using the external eject button. Once the disc is ejected, you can restart the Mac. External optical drives are usually made from standard optical drives mounted in an external case.

Force eject a CD in a MacBook - Apple Community

The drive can usually be removed from the case. Once removed, the drive tray may expose the eject hole that was covered up by the enclosure, and you can use the paperclip method. When nothing seems to work, it may be time to break out a flat blade screwdriver. Tray-based optical drives can have their trays forced open with the aid of a prying device. Here's how:.

How to Get a Jammed DVD Out of an iMac Optical Drive

Gently lever the tray open. You may feel some resistance and the sound of gears moving within the drive. Be sure and perform this step slowly. Brute force should not be required.

4 ways to eject a CD/DVD in an emergency

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