Transfer voice recordings from iphone to mac

Step 5.

How to Copy Voice Memos from iPhone X/8/7/6S/6 (Plus) to Your Computer

Now simply type in your email id or email of a person to whom you wish to send the memo. Step 6. Press the Send button. From your email, you can download the attachment to your computer.

How to sync voice memos with iTunes

There is one more way you can save your memos on your computer. If you have Dropbox on your iPhone and on your computer, you can easily transfer voice memos to your computer. To send your Voice Memo files from iPhone to computer via Dropbox, you need to follow the first two steps mentioned for sending memos via email from iPhone to computer.

And tap on Done. Yet another method to transfer your voice memos to your computer from iPhone.

Transfer voice memos via email

With the help of iTunes, you can easily store memos and save some space on your iPhone. Follow the simple steps to save memo files on your iTunes.

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This will extract your voice memos and load them into iTunes. Jignesh Padhiyar.

Copy & Export iPhone Voice Memos to PC or Mac

Sponsored Links. On your iPhone open the Voice Memos app and then select the Voice memo you wish to transfer. Tap on the Share icon. Step 2: Select mail from the options provides and a new email will appear.

Top 3 Ways to Transfer Voice Memo from iPhone to Mac

Enter the email address you wish to send the memo to and then send the email. Feb 27, Part 1. It is very easy to use with a simple user-friendly interface.

Voice mail is a very convenient feature, which allows us to send recorded messages to our addressees just within a few seconds. As the majority prefers simple text messages, sometimes voice mail is more preferable. Usually such messages are rather personal: As a consequence, you often wish to save these memories to our computer for future use.

how to transfer voice memos from Iphone to computer without itunes

If you only want to send a small size of voice memo, the most convenient and quickest way is transfer your iPhone voice memo via Email or MMS. But if you have a large number of voice memo with big size, you could consider other methods mentioned below. Voice Memo is the only media type which can be transferred from iPhone to iTunes. As is known to all, Apple has many limitations and can't support other media files like music, videos to transfer from iPhone to iTunes. Otherwise, the sync process will overwrite all of your original music files on your iPhone and only keep the voice memos left.

Follow the steps mentioned as below.

Brief overview: With dr. Besides, you can transfer a variety of different file formats from iPhone to computer and vice versa. Also, you can save your messages as the html format with attachments. You can manage your favourite music, movies, podcasts, voice memos, audiobooks and even more, all in just a few clicks! The software is compatible with iTunes, but can work separately as well.

In addition, dr. Simply export your saved messages to the computer or convert them into more handy formats: Also, you can simply back up your text history and look back at it, when needed.