Mac os x lion vim syntax highlighting

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Supports autocompletion. Inline syntax highlighting. Licensed under the QPL. Data plotting capability from within the shell. PEEQ Python 2. Name Platform Notes Python 2. Python 2. Python 3. Custom library is supported. See Python Box page for details. Open Directory Project's Python Tools page. Unable to edit the page? See the FrontPage for instructions. User Login.

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Name Platform Impl. Name Platform FreeSoftware? Some features require paid account.

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Embed Vim. Little brother of PIDA. CSS editor with syntax highlighting for Python, and embeded Python interpreter. Extensible in Python; part of PythonCard. Interactive shell with history box and code box, auto-completion of attributes and file names, auto-display of function arguments and documentation.

Eclipse is EditPad Pro. Built-in Python syntax highlighting, Python class browsing, Python-compatible regular expressions, code folding, and extensive options for running external tools such as Python scripts. Python support with EmacsPythonMode.

My top 3 text editors for Mac OS X

Extensible in Python using pymacs. FTE Text Editor. Ideas is a feature rich IDE that supports debugging, interpreting and project management. IDE with Jython Shell. Syntax coloring for python, extensible with jython, supports many file formats, fully customisable, has sidebar for class and functions. Jasspa's MicroEmacs.


Syntax highlighting and indenting, optional emacs keybindings, programmable with s-lang. Netbeans jEdit cross IDE plugin. Kde main developping app. Komodo IDE. Komodo Edit. Python IDE with focus is on simplicity and ease of use.

Outlining editor, fully scriptable and extensible, supporting literate programming. Easy to use, small, powerful, fast, terminal-based editor. Lightweight and extensible editor. Class browser, project manager, PEP8 finder, virtualenv, plugin support. Easy to use text editor with syntax highlighting for Python.

Embeds the Python interpreter to extend functionality of the application. Full-featured IDE for Python. Eclipse plugin. ShowMeDo Videos. Written in Python - code folding, snippets, unicode, multiple documents, code completion, several languages, macros. Python for VS Code. Free open-source extension for Visual Studio Code. PythonToolkit PTK.

An interactive environment for python features include: Open-source Python IDE focused on interactivity and introspection, which makes it very suitable for scientific computing.

Vim editor with syntax highlighting - Mac OS X Hints

Stani's Python Editor. Spyder is a powerful scientific environment written in Python, for Python,and designed by and for scientists, engineers and data analysts. Syntax coloring, popup function arguments, class hierarchy browser, graphical debugger, and other nice Python features. Sublime Text. Highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. Wing IDE. Powerful commercial IDE designed specifically for Python. Simple text editor written in python. Full-featured text editor; includes Python support.

General purpose editor with autocompletion for the Python standard library, plus inline documentation. Programmer's text editor with Python syntax highlighting. MacPython IDE. Does not initially include Python support but new language modes can be created. Python syntax coloring. Free and full-featured text editor based on BBEdit. Great Cocoa editor with Python support including syntax coloring, integrated documentation, and a runtime wrapper with hyperlinked tracebacks.

Again under active development, support for Python syntax coloring. Free text editor, with Python syntax highlighting. Cloud 9. A general web-based IDE with support for Python.

An interactive Python IDE for data exploration and visualization. The service was shut down on 2nd Jan An online IDE for numerical and data science computing experiments - includes: Continuum Analytics' distributors of the Anaconda Python distribution hosted data analysis environment. Code Crusader.

Genie Jython. Available either as part of ActiveState 's ActivePython distribution which is not open source or as part of the Win32All extensions from Mark's pages which is open source. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I enable syntax highlighting in vim on Mac? Ask Question. StrangeRanger StrangeRanger 2 There are two common methods: Why do you source the file? If you changed the. This is the same with the newly created. You do not need to source a. It will be read by vim the next time you start vim.

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Turn on syntax coloring in Mac OS X

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