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Despite Mission Control being around for quite some time it used to be called Expose in earlier Mac OS X releases , it is underutilized by many Mac users not only regarding the more advanced Mission Control tricks but even on the more simple window management and active window discovery level. There are at least three different ways to access the most simple Mission Control overview feature: Each activation method is different but the end result is always the same; you will see all open windows on the Mac.

The Magic Mouse also accepts gestures and can access Mission Control easily too with a simple two finger double tap:. You can also use a keystroke to quickly jump to Mission Control and see all windows open on a Mac:.

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I use this Mission Control gesture feature so often to view all open windows, apps, and documents, that I often forget many other Mac users are not aware of it, until recently someone was watching me use their computer and asked what they were seeing and how to use it. Just use your trackpad, mouse, or keyboard to view all of the open windows in Mission Control like this:.

2 Show Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

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Enter your email address below:. It only shows stuff for the current Desktop. That would be more useful since I usually know what is on a given Desktop, but I loose track of what is on each Desktop. I was occasionally getting the all windows view. Now I know what it is and how to get it.

I would love to be able disable cripple this damn thing. An inadvertent swipe on a track pad involves it, even if you turn off the gesture via system preferences. I agree with Elwood Downey: Restricting open Windows to the current Desktop rather defeats the point of having multiple Desktops.

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Unfortunately it does not help for my situation either. I hold Command, tap Tab and I do see a graphical list of open apps.

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  • 2 Show Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac.
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I tap Tab more times until one is highlighted. Then I release Command. But if the App I choose is not on the current Desktop er, Space then nothing changes, the Apps list just fades away. I wish it would change over to the correct Desktop. Elwood, I use Total Spaces 2 app, which gives me a lot of flexibility and should do all you want.

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See http: That made Mission Control worthless. But thanx to the screenshot of Mission Control in the article, I realized I might have the wrong features checked I had them all checked. So I copied the ones in the screenshot, and now I can see all the windows. So if anyone else has that problem, just copy the screenshot above.

Or, I might be the only slow kid in class…. To my knowledge, Command-Tab shows open applications but not their windows. There are third party apps that can do that. As for Mission Control, it does not show any hidden apps windows or any minimized windows. But I wonder — is it possible to hide all windows but the one that is active?

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This only works once. Do we have any alternative in such conditions? I hit cmd-opt and 1 or cmd-opt and 2, and MacOS rearranges everything on my desktop. How to turn this off?????

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