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What computer should I buy?

Desktop apps — Lots of big names titles like Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Autodesk have all brought apps to the iPad. Each are very effective in their own right, but none are as powerful as their equivalents on a Mac or a PC.

Why do Mac laptops (seem to) last longer than Windows laptops?

The desktop apps boast more features, and can take advantage of more advanced hardware to produce better overall results. You might not need them all the time, but you will be glad you have them when you really need them. Screen size — The largest iPad to date has a 9. If you are used to working at a inch desktop monitor, then the compact nature of the iPad screen may not be best for you, at least not as a direct replacement.

Can you? Multitasking — Speaking of screen size, many Mac and PC users like to run multiple apps at once on the same screen. You can on a Mac or a PC. The iPad takes a different approach and aims to compete with wireless solutions or additional accessories. Either way, a PC is often more flexible when you are looking to quickly connect other devices. The truth is, no device will not transform teaching and learning by itself. Technology helps, but it is just another means to an end. In the right hands, almost any mainstream device that is available today is capable of great things, regardless of whether it has an Apple logo, a Google logo, or a Microsoft logo emblazoned on the back.

Because we live in fortunate times where technology has evolved to become truly efficient, creative, innovative, and increasingly affordable.

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So, are there differences between the various hardware solutions for schools? Absolutely, but with the right training for teachers, and a well-thought-out plan for integrating technology, you soon realize that everyone is a winner! Reblogged this on John Hurley and commented: Interesting comparison on the choices in tech in the classroom. Like Like.

Microsoft Office 2016 (for Mac)

I realize this article is almost a year old but it still feels very out of touch. You mention Chromebooks in the intro then seem to forget they exist. A Chromebook wakes up just as fast as an iPad and boots from being powered off much faster. There is a reason the Education market is making a mass exodus away from iPads towards Chromebooks.

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Hi Thaaron. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. As I am sure you will agree, all devices have their pros and cons. I am glad that you have found one that is good for you. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Why iPads? Why Macs or PCs? With Windows 10, Microsoft tried to merge the user-friendliness of Windows 7 with the touchscreen-friendliness of Windows 8.

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Generally speaking, it works. Mac OS X has a cleaner, less busy look. At its most basic level, you have a desktop, a dock for accessing all of your favorite apps, and a taskbar across the top of the screen. See Also: Surface Pen: PCs offer more choice There are many different PC manufacturers, giving customers lots of different options and brands to choose from. Microsoft may be in the hardware business now, but companies like HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, and many others still make the vast majority of Windows PCs in the world.

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Apple makes both the Mac hardware and the OS X operating-system software, so you only have a handful of options if you want to buy a Mac. Some Windows computers come with touchscreens Since Windows 8, Microsoft has been pushing the touchscreen as the future of PCs. Windows 10 takes that focus and runs with it, making it better than ever before. Windows runs on tablets, too — not just laptop and desktop computers Windows 10 is available on devices of all sizes, from giant all-in-one computers to laptops to tiny 8-inch tablets.

Even taking a screenshot is different on Windows than it is on a Mac. On a Mac, you can hold the Command, Shift, and 4 keys to take a screenshot that lets you crop whatever you want from your current screen. Macs and iPhone are the best team Because Apple makes both the iPhone and the Mac, the two make a great team.

If you own an iPhone, your text messages sync over to the Mac with the built-in Messages app. You can even respond to your texts from your Mac.

And if you have an iPad, the conversation can keep rolling there, too. Want the best of both worlds? Macs can run Windows! Macs have the ability to run Windows either through a virtual machine or directly on the system. Every Mac has a built-in program called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows on your machine. PC Tech Magazine. Home News All News Archive. Arnold Mugisha, the teenage Ugandan innovator who floored professionals at…. Computer Misuse Act — What you need to know.

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