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After downloading and installing the Team Viewer app on both Macs, sign up for a free account so that you can associate a Mac with a particular email address. Just launch Team Viewer, and a screen similar to that seen below shows up see screenshot below:. The opposite is true as well. For test purposes, I installed the iOS client onto my iPhone 7 Plus and then used it to control my Mac see screenshot below:.

Share a Mac’s Screen

It works very well, and I can see why it was a favorite of many readers of The Rocket Yard. One nice thing is that the remote machine does not need to be attended in order to take control, and the app can also be used to transfer files between machines.

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Free to download and use for personal use, RealVNC is limited to 5 remote computers and 3 users. Jump Desktop: Splashtop Personal: This VNC client is free if you wish to control Macs that are on the same network as yours. Google Chrome remote extension: Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty.

How to Access Your Mac’s Screen from Windows (and Vice-Versa)

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How to Enable Mac Screen Sharing

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As for Windows, all I could find was already mentioned here Remotix for Windows , though it was marked as beta for a long time. Probably all these things are obvious for some of you, but I spent a good couple of hours sorting it out. Hope this post will save some time to someone: Since RDC requires windows to be running, that's a non-starter unless you are running BootCamp or virtualization and don't care to see the OS X windows. With Lion, this is now an option out of the box.

Enabling screen sharing seems to offer the most vanilla VNC-compatible stack. RealVNC seems to be the best client for working with Do also read up on Are the changes to Lion's screen sharing documented anywhere publicly? Especially Apple's latest ARD release notes. A third party VNC viewer will always be connected to the login window. If the login window is not on the display, a new login window is started that is not shown on the display. The screen sharing user can then log in with any valid account on that computer.


It shows the intent that all VNC clients will get a login screen - and not hijack the current session if there is a current non-login screen session. There is a fairly comprehensive table on Wikipedia of VNC software, you can probably find a free Windows client that you can test this on. Based on the comments Screen Sharing looks to have changed quite a bit since the last version where it was more or less vanilla VNC , so I'm changing this answer to a community wiki where we can all put up suggestions.

I just found a very cool solution. It isn't perfect, but was very easy to set up and works for windows, mac and linux.

Google has released a remote desktop sharing client that is in beta. It litereally took seconds to setup and I'm off running. Give it a shot. Here's the link to the article.

Share Your Mac's Screen on Your Network

When using all other VNC methods, I would get prompted for a Mac username and password to get access to the box. This is very secure, but it doesn't help me to offer remote assistance to a colleague as I do not see there screen, I see my own loaded profile.

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  6. The solution is to use this software: It has OSX authentication built in. Upon connection you get the option of logging on as yourself or viewing the users screen. I believe the initial question speaks of Mac emulation on a Windows box. Maybe an SSH connection could then spawn a Mac screen independent of the actual Mac screen so the box could be used remotely and locally at the same time.

    I do this currently with my Linux box. A good option to try would be NoMachine.

    Connecting to Windows PC Clients from a Mac

    I also use this with my Linux box and will give it a try on Mac soon.