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Not just be about glorying this and glorifying that. You can learn something from us and get a good feeling about it. Did you change anything with the process of making this album compared to the old ones? This was 20 years in the making. Even longer. When we was very young, he already said we was going to do this. We stopped and started a lot of this album over the last few years. This last time when we finally finished it, it just felt like the right time.

We had people on just to do hooks, but really wanted to concentrate on me and him, and our craft as far as going back and forth and giving it our content, which was needed. You guys have each reached the age of Was that any kind of barrier for you putting out this album?

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Some of the greatest in the world to ever do it is our age. But the amount of experience you have has to impact your music, right? Adjusting to the new sound. But we created Mob Music. Bass line music. We wanted to show how far back we go with music. We really had a passion even though we had to make ends meet on the soil.

We made our life into this music because we was already into music. We played the drums from the 4th grade on all the way through high school in the 12th grade. That drum beat.

We need you!

We was in junior high at that time of the photo. We always dreamed of wanting to make music as kids. Make a record. And we did it. Motherfuckers from the hood became the best. They know. You said the albums been years in the making. To know that we did our job. Some people want that Mob Music sound from the old school, but we also hope that they are open enough to evolve with the sound. Played our position.

From day one, the thing that stands out when you listen to a song with 40 and Bela on it is your different styles. How did you each come up with your style and how have you kept them so distinct from each other after rapping together all these years? It is, right? Every one? Every one. From the beginning, 40 had his sound and the way he do it, and I had my sound.

Like Big Boi and Andre have different shit. We are just our original selves. We feed off each other. We work our lyrics out. Listening to our parents play those songs was a gift to us growing up. A lot of people today grew up on just beats. We actually heard music with a message to it. Marvin Gaye was bad as a mug. They both start singing Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye songs. And they are playing those songs again.

All this shit is recycled. Everybody know I been a wordsmith for years. And, of course, slang. We also came in at prime years of the independent rap game. What that allowed us to do was learn the ins and outs of the game. It worked to our advantage. It helps us get to the right kind of deals. Check this out. Take a screenshot of this in your head right quick. It was by force. We had to make our own way. We got our lumps and bruises, not physically, but mentally in the game. We had to stick ourselves in there and came in with an unorthodox style of rap being from a small city with about 8 or 9 exits at the time.

We was overlooked. We was the Bay underdogs. Those are some emotional scars, too. How so? We knew we had to do it that way because it was the only option for us to go and get it. And we wanted out. People was supposed to be focused on Oakland, Frisco, L. We was just some little motherfuckers from Vallejo. Now look at all the motherfuckers that came out of Vallejo. You feel me? And a lot of us got Gold and Platinum Records. We just wanted to do right.

We always been real. Our duty is just to play our position and give out life lessons. Giving life lessons in our songs. Yeah, little shit like that. Giving life lessons for years my dude. It rings bells in their ears. That registered in their heads. We really from it.

We was in it. Whole block just filled with all kinds of shit like it was a movie. Every day was an episode. Feel me? You can walk outside and see it live and direct. Yes, it was going down. Where it all went down.

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South Vallejo. We soaked up game like a tampon, like we supposed to. We was laced at an early age. Our parents, our dads, them dudes was grown men at 17 years old. They was. Me and 40, we consider ourselves being like that, too. Grown men, getting to it as far as working and doing the right thing.