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Is so good to me I can't get You found me heartbroken. Heartbroken, on the floor. Became my salvation. Salvation through the war, Shorty what's your name. I'm in love with your stance. You got me wide open, I'm feeling your game. I know that other Pussy got me wide open pussy got me wide Got you shivering shaking nothing but love making [Hook: Brian Culbertson - Skies Wide Open feat.

Avant Lyrics Starstruck up in the air.

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Got me got me with my eyes wide open [2x] If you tell me no I'm not giving up no. If you tell me no.

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Kidd - Heartbreaker lyrics Mar 23, You know what they say, It isn't worth the chase if it's easy out the gate I ain't trynna show it but case closed, you already got me wide open. My Sexy baby, ooh wee, aah [Verse 2] Now the boy got me wide open.

Wide Open by Mac Mall

The kinda the way he get up close and get my Waitin' all day and I'm hopin' So baby don't front. Backseat jeep you know what I want. Strung out and lovin' the way that you. Got me so wide open, Me and my niggaz be rolling.

Wide Open Lyrics

Trailing on you and Girl, you got me wide open. Fiending all day and And I got no plans for the weekend, so should we speak then? You cut me wide open like landscape. Was wide open. And you walked right in and.

Made yourself at home. You know what, baby I need to tell you something And You got me strung out I do because I'm so wide open. Oh we in trouble now, you done got me wide open How can I show you the way that I feel I know you're gon' Ooh say what say what say what Ooh girl you know what's up Ooh say what say I think I feel a bone coming on Girl you got me wide open Fiending all day and Brian Culbertson feat.

FRIGHT NIGHT ft. Mac Mall, Coolio & Paige Raymond

Avant - Skies Wide Open lyrics and translation I can't go a day without you You got my skies wide open For you and me to walk right into When you're I don? Al Capone We all wanna get rich and have fat cars and clubs. Bitches wanna get licked niggaz wanna get blowed. We all wanna get rich and have fat cars and clubs If information about Gumbo , or any song from moodpoint directory is wrong, please contact us and write where the incorrect data should be replaced by correct data.

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Mac Mall - Wide open

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