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The rest matches the executable pretty closely. Why there are bugs, is just because there could be mistakes in the process of reconstructing due to the size of the task, or because often the original engine is being rearchitectured in order to accommodate support for several games built on the same engine, or because the original was poorly written.

ScummVM Team has to look into every corner of the original engine and understand how it works. Christian Page I probably don't understand game design which is not a matter here as we are talking about coding.

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But I think that would be true for most of the backers here. Maybe you too. It doesn't make your opinion any less important. You are also trying to warp my words or maybe I didn't explain myself enough. I didn't by any means implied that porting an old system game to a modern system is an easy task, nor that I would expect a full remaster of those games even if I believe most backers here would really be happy if that was possible.

My point here is that Cyan is in the best condition to put some love on those games as no one else would be in the same position of doing so. If the original code exists, it would probably be in their hands, I believe, and even if that is not easily portable it could still provide some means to do that. I also mentioned original assets. If you really read what I wrote in the previous comments I also said that even if they cannot rerender the original assets, maybe they still have original uncompressed version of them that could be used to improve those games.

Even having the full motion video without compression artifact could make the difference. I was also interested in additional languages, they should at least know about that. Those are all speculation of possible things that could be done, and that's why I asked them for some details on what they are planning to do. That's why I don't understand why you are trying to get in the way of that, it would be good for everybody to know and it's a thing that for a backer is normal to do.

Unless they say if the have or not the original code or assets and to what extent they could work on them, we are without information. Given the fact that they are asking people for money and we are way beyond the original goal, it would be wise to have those information and it also what kickstarter suggest the authors to do. It would also benefit them and who knows if maybe there are some backers with the skill to also provides help. We won't get another chance for an anniversary edition of those games, it would be better to make this chance count. To this days most games have still issue replicating the exact way those games worked.

Most can be completed without major issues but in most cases the best way is still to play them with the emulator of their original system DOSBox, WinUAE. ScummVM has many good points portable, include some game fixes, ect. Usually when a new engine is added to scummvm, it takes years for it to be closer to the original.

The ScummMV continue to add improvements but they cannot do everything as there are many required tasks. It's not automatic to expect that those improvements are being made in time for enjoying this games in a commercial release. There are game engine implemented years ago that still works worse than the original missing frames, strange animation, ect.

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For instance GOG recently moved some games from DOSBox to ScummVM but that's not a smart move as some those games have a relatively recent implementation and are not tested to the point of being the best version. It will be ultimately, but not now and not in the near future. But it is an important software anyway for preservation purpose. Michele i dont think you understand game design remotely. Michele I'm confused. What part of "the original product in all its feature[s]" is ScummVM unable to replicate?

It seems pretty complete to me. I'm sure the ScummVM would be happy to add any missing features. Eugene Sandulenko In my opinion both options are not great when you have the original code and able to do a proper port. Wrappers and interpreter are good for preservation and for running on different platforms but they are not always able to replicate the original product in all its feature with the same results. Also they are cheap solution that most users could employ themself and that doesn't require much money spent in developement.

When we have the original developers with the original code, one should hope to accomplish something more to bring those classics to modern day in the best possibile condition. That I would gladly pledge for. Still think the original Myst was better, it's a pity it's improbable that they will be able to rerender the original assets at higher resolution.

I don't know if residualVM is ready for being used for commercial product it report some minor glitches , but both residualVM and scummVM still has some issues and don't always replicate the original product like it did on the original system. It's not the best choice to use them when you still have the original code.

This is quite ironic. ScummVM is so much easier to work with, it even has some original script bugs fixed. Compatibility is superb, and if there is a need for the custom menus or something like that, I am sure, the ScummVM Team will be willing to help with implementation. And the Linux port will come practically for free you will still need to put couple of development hours into packaging. This is hard to understand, as the position which was voiced earlier on the FB was "we do not condone tools like ScummVM" To be more clear, I just want to know what are the plans for each games give their current situation.

It could be a cheap solution that barely make the games work or a more thorough approach that improves the overall quality of the game. I don't think it's strange for backers to ask more details on the plan and understand if their money are going to finance something worth or not again, if you don't pledge for the physical edition. At least to some extent this kind of information should be available during the campaign. I backed because, as I suppose most of other backers do, I care for those games and I want to preserve them and make them fully enjoyable on modern system and future generation.

It won't be cheaper than buying them later so that's not the reason.

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That's why I ask questions as this part seems to be a little neglected while the details on the physical edition are more deep. For the physical edition I have a clear response. Michele it's true that if you don't want the physical rewards then there's no practical reason to back at this point unless you just want to be part of it or think it might be cheaper than buying them later. Actually there are reasons to prefer both solution.

ScummVM is not ideal in every case as it is not yet capable of reproducing the real experience. Obviously it has the benefit of being easily portable and updatable in the future. To me it's still not clear what it is the target of improvement for those games as on windows and modern system they are already available. What we are financing exactly? Great news, WOOT! Side note: Even if probably not a lot of people would be able to play them, I would honestly love to own them as they are extremely difficult to find nowadays, even second hand: I know that you haven't really touched the Linux scene much, but would it be possible to treat those of us who don't own Mac OS or Windows to the Myst anniversary glory as well?

CodeWeavers does also do Linux after all. Great news! I don't understand some of the negativity toward CodeWeavers. This makes me happy for Mac owners! Now if only there was a way to port it all to consoles, but then again I personally prefer PC anyway: I'm out of the running for being able to be part of the planned Kickstarter Live event.

These are all fantastic games.

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Originally Posted by Mercedes Liquid and computers don't mix. It might seem simple, but we see an incredible amount of people post here about spills. Keep drinks and other liquids away from your expensive electronics! Originally Posted by dberch. The link above states that it only runs on OS 9 or below. I re-iterate the OPs question: Myst is by far the best game every crated for PC.

I've yet not seen anything that beats out that franchise. Myst and Riven on the iPhone are pretty amazing also. Originally Posted by schweb. Am I correct?

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Originally Posted by bklvr If you find a post helpful, don't forget to use the reputation system top right of post. Decide the fate of a civilization in this triumphant final chapter to the Myst saga. Embark on an epic journey into the heart of a shattered empire as the only explorer who can still save it--or destroy it with the wrong choices. Easily explore vast 3D worlds with just a click of the mouse, and interact like never before with the environment. The critically acclaimed creators of the Myst franchise raise the bar yet again with new photorealistic worlds ripe with life, weather, movement and mystery.

The demo for Myst V: End of Ages features a short introductory sequence that introduces you to the mysteries of the pedestals. What do you think about Myst V: End of Ages? Do you recommend it? With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready. To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. Windows Games Adventure Myst V: View full description.