How to connect maxtor external hard drive to mac

You can delete apps using the Launchpad or by dragging them to the Trash, but neither method is recommended in this situation. You see, while an app might appear to be deleted, associated files will be left on your system — files that could be preventing access to your external hard drive. CleanMyMac X has an Uninstaller tool that can define your installed applications and associated files and remove every trace of an unwanted app.

Disk permissions keeps your files secure. Every file and folder has an associated set of permissions. Unfortunately, these can get messed up without you realising it, which can cause serious problems. You can fix these two ways.

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Either manually, as we mention in this article , or using CleanMyMac X, which is far easier. The program will scan and fix any it finds that are broken or faulty. It would have simplified my life! You are amazing! Fortunately, I had backed up all of my data on an external hard drive.

Moving Data Between Two Systems Using an External Hard Drive (for MacOS)

I would never have found out how to get everything working properly on my new MAC without this advice! Once the hard drive is formatted, simply copy the files back onto the hard drive. Additional bonus… Apple immediately asked if I wanted to use my external HD for the time-machine function.

Thank you very much for this post, it was really really helpful and saved us from throwing the hard drive across the room in a fit of rage! One of the best things about using macs is the support you can find on the internet which is absolutely invaluable.

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This is exactly what most of us need, someone to explain things in noddy language. Thanks mate! Hello David, First of all congratulations on a first class site that explains and guides in a so simple way, I for one am very grateful. I look forward to hearing from you when convenient,. The drive is recognized on my PowerBook, but when I try to drop something inside the drive, I get this: This is a brand new drive and nothing has been stored on it.

In the utilities there is no external drive visible, even though it is connected with USB and running. Could you help me on this? Your oh-so-clear instructions saved me from a total spazz out! So rad!

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I am new to using a mac and my IT guy gave me an external hard drive and your instructions were so easy to follow that I was able to format the hard drive so now it works. After I formatted my hard disk to Mac, my external hard drive cannot be open or even discoverable for Windows.

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Create a free website or blog at WordPress. If you are able to fix the hard drive or SSD in your Mac or a external drive using Disk Utility you will hopefully be able to recover your files. If First Aid successful in fixing errors, the external drive should be available to mount.

Why a flash drive is not showing up on Mac?

If the utility unable to repair issues, your drive truly broken or formatted using a file system that the Mac cannot read - in this way we suggest you follow the next steps to recover data from a damaged disk drive. Thankfully, there is an app for that. Powerful enough to retrieve long-lost, mistakenly deleted files from Macs, external hard drives and USB drives and camera cards.

Providing you already have Disk Drill Pro version, which you can get automatically by downloading from Setapp:. Disk Drill Pro recovery app is available from Setapp , along with dozens of Mac apps that will make your life easier. Never have to worry about a crashed or corrupted external drive again.

Then use a different port to connect the external hard drive.

Mac not showing up your external drive? Here's what to do

For Macs with removable batteries, you need to switch them off, remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. After that, put the battery back in, plug in the power adapter and switch the power on again. It is possible to format a hard drive so it can be read on Mac and Windows computers, providing you format using exFAT.

Console shows if an external drive or any error is detected under the Errors and Faults tab. If no errors show up, then the problem is not caused by the device.