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Add your Desktop and Documents files to iCloud Drive

It enables you to backup iDevice to computer selectively like photos, videos, music, messages, notes, contacts, etc. Besides, you can also backup your iPhone to iTunes. Free Download. With 4 simple steps, you can backup MacBook Pro to iCloud easily and smoothly. Download it with free trial now. Member of iMobie team, an Apple fan as well as an anime lover. Like to share solutions on iOS and Android related problems. If you want to free up more space on your Mac, follow these steps.

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On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can search and browse files from all of your devices and download them only as you need them. You can also free up space on your device and in iCloud Drive when you delete files. Then go to your Recently Deleted folder in the Files app or on iCloud. You can move files from iCloud Drive to your Mac as you need them, or select all of your files and drag them to the place you want to keep them.

If you turn off iCloud Drive or sign out of iCloud, you have the option to keep a local copy of your files that are in iCloud Drive.

How Can I Back Up My Mac on the Cloud? : Macs & Apple Computers

Whether you decide to keep a local copy or not, a new Desktop and Documents folder is created in your home folder. If you choose to keep a local copy, your files in iCloud Drive are copied to a folder called iCloud Drive Archive in your home folder. Then you have the option to move any files that were in your iCloud Desktop and Documents, back to your new local Desktop and Documents. Make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on.

Turn on Desktop and Documents

Next to iCloud Drive, click Options. Click Done. On iCloud.

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Sign in to iCloud. Click on a disk. Select the external hard drive you connected to your Mac. Click on Use Disk. It's in the lower-right corner of the dialog box. Check Back Up Automatically in the left pane of the dialog box if you want your Mac to back up at regular intervals. Check Show Time Machine in menu bar to create a shortcut in the menu bar to Time Machine preferences and backup status. Click on Options….

How to Backup MacBook Pro to iCloud

It's in the lower-right corner of the window. Check Back up while on battery power to allow Time Machine backups when your Mac is not plugged in. Check Notify after old backups are deleted if you'd like Time Machine to let you know when it's deleted older backups to make space for newer ones.

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Method 2. Click on iCloud. It's on the left side of the window. If you're not automatically logged in, enter your Apple ID and password. Check the box next to iCloud Drive.

It's at the top of the right pane. Now you can store files and documents in iCloud. Do so by choosing iCloud Drive in any "Save" dialog box or dragging files to iCloud Drive in the left pane of a Finder window. Select which apps have permission to access iCloud Drive by clicking on the Options button next to iCloud Drive in the dialog box. Select the types of data to store on iCloud. Do so by checking the boxes below "iCloud Drive". Check "Photos" if you want to back up and access your Photos on iCloud.

Check "Mail" to sync and store email messages on iCloud. Check "Contacts" to keep a copy of your contacts on iCloud. Check "Calendars" to keep a copy of your calendars on iCloud. Check "Reminders" to keep a copy of your reminders on iCloud. Check "Safari" to keep a backup of your Safari data, such as browsing history and favorites, on iCloud. Check "Notes" to keep a copy of your notes on iCloud.

Check "Keychain" to share an encrypted copy of passwords and payment data across the devices signed in with your Apple ID. You may need to scroll down to see all the selections.

How to back up your Mac

Time Machine is for making a local backup of your computer to an external hard drive, but will not send this backup anywhere on the internet. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Yes, you can keep all of your data on your device.