Install mac os x lion mountain from usb

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How to Clean Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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  • Download OS X Mountain Lion and Extract the DMG File.
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  • Make the OS X Mountain Lion Install Drive?
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Once the process is done, your USB drive is ready to go. If you want to use the USB to format a new computer or re-format your current computer, there are 2 ways of getting it installed. Boot from portable USB disk.

How to Make a Bootable OS X Mountain Lion USB Install Drive

I tried to copy the install. Could you go into more detail? What steps did you take, the more descriptive the better I may be able assist you. You are correct Calle, when restoring the drive image the partition should be selected, not the drive itself. I should have been more clear about this. Unfortunately no, OS X v Our goal is here to keep a soft copy of the installer and in the flash drive.

Double-click InstallESD. This may take a minute or two. Plug in the flash drive into your Mac and launch the Disk Utility application.

The Easy Way

You can do it quickly by searching via Spotlight. This will remove everything in the flash drive.

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Keep a backup of the files within if you still need them, then come back to this section. Once the flash drive is formatted, re-select the formatted USB drive from the left menu, and click the Restore tab.

How to Create a Bootable Mountain Lion 10.8 USB Install Thumb Drive

Do the following steps carefully:. First, a reboot!