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Retrieve iPhone Contacts from iTunes Backup

Contacts are meant to be synched with a cloud service, or with an app on your computer like Outlook or Address Book. Had you been using your phone as recommended, you would have easy access to your contacts without your phone. What do you mean use my phone as recommended? I have done resets before from backups and I have got all of my contacts back in that way. That means that the contacts must be inside the backup.

Would it be possible for me to borrow a friend's iPhone and use it to recover my data so I can write down all of my numbers, and then let him reset his phone from his own backup? Contacts are meant to be synced with a contacts app on your computer.

How to Back Up iPhone Contacts With iTunes : iTunes Help

Had you been doing that, there'd be no issue here. The Contacts aren't inside the backup itself. I don't use any application on my computer.

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Only the backup made through iTunes. But as mentioned it has helped me recover my contacts before, but that was when I was using an iPhone to restore an old backup. Feb 22, 1: Well it's just stupid that you can't even save your contacts to your SIM-card.. Back on topic though; would it be possible as I said to use another iPhone and backup from my iTunes? You can plug a new phone in and restore the backup from your computer.

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As has already been stated, however, contacts are NOT part of the backup. If they were restored when you restored your phone previously, they either had to come from an address book on your computer or a cloud service you were syncing to Exchange, Yahoo, gmail, etc.

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Most likely, you set up the contact sync when you first got your phone and never thought about it again. Just because you don't actually open and use the address book on your computer doesn't mean it isn't there. On Windows, look in Windows Address book or Outlook. If you had an Exchange account, Yahoo account, or G-Mail account set up as Exchange , look at the contacts on the server.

Even if you could save contacts to the SIM, you would only get a small fraction of the information that can be entered for each contact. Jun 5, 3: This answer is confusing since in the past I've purchased a new phone, restored it with iTunes from a previous phone backup and had all my contacts return. I do not sync with outlook, google or yahoo my iTunes settings are turned off.

It is not unusual that the original poster uses only iTunes - all of the iPhone users I know do this. They have no need for a program to download all their mail and contacts since it's all accessible through gmail or yahoo. Having to launch Outlook and configure settings is just adding an extra step. Are you truly certain that iTunes keeps no record of the contacts?

Because there are several programs that claim to have the ability to extract this data from an old backup file. Are these scams? Jun 29, I got my iphone4 stolen and i recovered my contacts in an excel spreadsheet. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing. Jul 17, 5: Keeping a backup of iPhone contacts and other data via iTunes is not very effective as the backups made by iTunes are random, and in order to restore, one needs to wipe their iPhone of all songs.

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I used to have a similar problem with an iPhone backup created by iTunes which managed to restore only half of my previous iPhone contacts. I think managing iPhone contacts with the iCloud and not backing them up with iTunes is more effective in case you need to restore later. Dec 31, You are right.

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I would rely on iCloud or thrid party apps such as copytrans Contacts to keep a backup of my iPhone contacts and restore at any time should I need to. Dec 1, 3: That would have to be a pretty good friend, or one with a new iphone, to allow someone else to do this. It's a lot of work to reset, and what if his didn't go well or lost information. Good luck, if someone would do this for you. Also, you can choose not to connect your device to computer.

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Free Download. Step 2. Select an iTunes backup, and click the arrow button, and then select the types of data you want to extract, if you want to extract all kinds of data, you can tick on Select All, here just tick Contacts and click on OK. For encrypted iTunes backup, PhoneRescue for iOS will ask you to enter the backup password so that it can scan the backup file.

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If you forgot it, you can use iTunes backup password recovery to get it back quickly. Step 3. You can click the gear button to set output format and export path. Must Read: It can help you recover lost data with or without backup within steps. Member of iMobie team, an Apple fan as well as an anime lover.