How to install modloader mac 1.3

Mods are not developed or endorsed by Re-Logic. Sign In. Wiki reading hard on the eyes? Try out our Dark Theme! Visit the preferences page while logged in and select Hydra Dark. Don't forget to save your changes! From Terraria Wiki. Jump to: Desktop -Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria. Terraria-related software. Retrieved from " https: Eemie's Victorian Buildings for CP. Elliott Dialogue Expansion. Elven Krobus.

Emily Dialogue Expansion. Emily Dialogue Expansion Chinese. Entoarox Framework. Erossavia's Dark Brown Brick Path. Erossavia's Double Shed. Erossavia's Ranch. Erossavia's Tree Happy Greenhouse. Evelyn's Friendship Garden Pot. Evolve Your Dog Into Arcanine. Only for the CP Arcanine files. Expanded Foraging Farm. Expanded Wizard Tower. Extended Minecart. Fancier Galaxy Sword.

Fantasy Crops - JsonAssets. Fantasy Crops Chinese - JsonAssets. Farm Extended. Farm Type Manager. Farmer to Florist - For JsonAssets. Farmhouse Floor Strip Fix. Farmhouses Enhanced. Fast Animations. Faster Animal Products. Faster horse. Faster Paths. Festival End Time Tweak. Festive Slimes. First Farmhouse Reimagined. Fishing Automaton. Fix Animal Tool Animations.

Fixed Secret Woods Debris.

SMAPI - Stardew Modding API

Flower Dance Hearts Change. Forage to Farm. Freshwater Tilapia. Fruits and Veggies for JsonAssets. Fruits and Veggies for JsonAssets Chinese. Furniture Anywhere. Gender Neutrality Mod. Geode Upgrader for CFR. German Non-Friendable Charackter. Ghost Town. Glass Milk Bottles for Content Patcher. Grandpa's Grove Foraging Farm. Grass Growth. Grass Growth Adjuster. Greenhouse for Elle's Dirt and Cliff Recolor.

GreenHut 1. Grey and White Tabby. Gus To Ban. Hair Growth. Haley Dialogue Expansion. Harvey Dialogue Expansion. Harvey Marriage Expansion. Hats Won't Mess Up Hair. Health and Stamina Regeneration. Hedge Fences. Helena's Cat Replacement - Aipom. High Res Portraits for Adarin's girl mod. Hiroshi - Custom NPC. Hojichas' Walls and Floors Content Patcher.

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Horny Bachelors Revamp Content Patcher. House of the Oracle. Huggable Scarecrows. I actually made a thing eventually. Idle Timer. Immersive Festival Dialogue. Improved Machines. Increased Artifact Spots. Infested Levels. Infinite Junimo Cart Lives. Instant Grow Trees. Iridium Tools Patch. Isa's Pastel Weapon Retextures. Jade Hills Repainted. Jas Portrait By Rizum. Joys of Efficiency. JumJum Jr.

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  5. Junimo Note Recolors. Junimos to Junipugs. Karmylla's Cellar Edits. Karmylla's Farm Cave Edits. Karmylla's Immersive Map Edits. Karmylla's Spouse Rooms Edits - 4 Versions. Kawakami - Healer NPC. Keyboard Mod Menu. Kids Furniture. Kitsune Masks. Ladder Locator. Lava Bat Tweak. Leah Cabin Music Fix. Leah Dialogue Expansion. Legendary Scarecrows.

    Lemonade Machine CFR. Lighter Craftables. Line Sprinklers. Links Forest Farm. Location Compass. Log Bridges Plus. Log cabin - reimagined. Long-Haired Cats. Lookup Anything. Lore-Friendly JojaMart Prices. Lyell Halkias custom npc. Make Charlie the chicken less cartoony. Map Tweaks.

    How to Install Minecraft Mods for MAC : Apple Tutorial

    Mario Monsters CP. Marriage Dialogue Overhaul for Shane. Massive Animal Farm. Massive Crop Farm. Massive Greenhouse 50x Mellow Yellow Interior Rhinebeck Edition. Mineral and Gem Crops. Mineral Farm MTN. Minerva's Harder Community Center Bundles. Misc Furniture. Miss Coriel's Custom Music Packs. Mizu flower JsonAsset german. Moat Farm. Monster Shed. MonsterGirl Animals. Moody Planet. More Animals. More Buildings. More Buildings for Cute Valley. More Butterflies. More Recipes - A Collection of Recipes. More Silo Storage. More Stardew-y Relationship Indicators.

    More Trees - For JsonAssets. Motorcycles Content Patcher.

    Minecraft 1.3: How to install ModLoader on Mac!

    Movement Speed. Doggy for Content Patcher. MTN Calm Farm. Multifunction Greenhouse. Multiplayer shaft fix. Multiple Gifts for Spouses. Multiroom Shed. Mushroom Levels. Mysterious Farm. Natural Paths. New NPC Mona. New Shirts by alicedafox for Custom Shirts. NG's splendid weapon. Night Market Cat Boat. Niko's Portraits. No More Breakup Events. No More Random Mine Flyers. No Soil Decay Redux. No Spouse Rooms. Novan's Seasonal Grass Path. Object Progress Bars. Old Red Crosses. Opalie's Neat Farm.

    Outdoor Hot Springs. Owl Scarecrows CP Conversion. Palm Beach. Pam's Trailer. Paritee's Animal Troughs. Paritee's Billy Goats. Paritee's Blue Roosters. Paritee's Brown Bulls.

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    8. Paritee's Brown Roosters. Paritee's Drakes. Paritee's Ducks. Paritee's Gender-Neutral Farm Animals.

      ModLoader for Minecraft for Mac - Download

      Paritee's Marnie's Animal Troughs. Paritee's Rams. Paritee's Seasonal Animal Troughs. Paritee's Sport Horses. Paritee's Treat Your Animals. Paritee's Void Roosters. Paritee's White Bulls. Paritee's White Roosters. Parrot Parents - text and dialogue edits for kids to birds mod. Passable Ladders. Pelican Postal Service. Penny Dialogue Expansion. Penny Heart Events Fix. Penny's New Look - Content Pack. Pennys Nightmare CP.

      Pethouse - Content Patcher. Phoenix Farm. Phone Villagers. Plantable Mushroom Trees. Pokemon Buildings. Pookachu's Cellar. Pookachus Bar. Pookachus Foraging Farm. Pookachus Greenhouse. Porg Replacer for Chickens. Portal Guns. Portrait Overhaul - Content Patcher. Portrait-Accurate Alex CP. Prairie King Prizes Lootboxes. Profit Calculator. Progressive Access Farm. Project Valley Life. PT-BR Long dialogue time. Pufferchick Trophy. Purple craftables Content Patcher.

      Ran's Fancy Farmer. Ran's Farm Decor. Ran's Faux Stairs and Platforms. Ran's Harvest Goddess. Ran's Hearts. Ran's Prettier Witch. Ran's Spouse Garden. Ran's Suits and Tuxedos. Ran's Wedding and Flower Dance Attire. Raptor Chickens. Razolyn the Magnificent - Non Skimpy Version. Readers Digest. Recatch Legendary Fish. Redwood Furniture. Refugee NPCs. Relationship Tracker. Revenant's Crops german. Rideable Deer Content Patcher. Rotate Toolbar. Scale Up. Scythe and Copper Pan Recolors. Seamless Trees. Seaside Interior Content Patcher.

      Seasonal Anime Portraits. Seasonal Hats Json Assets. Seasonal Immersion. Seasonal Outfits. Seasonal Sod. Seasonal Tub o Flowers. Sebastian's Bong - Content Patcher. Secret Gardens Greenhouse.


      Separate Money for Multiplayer. Sexy Hairy Clint v1. Shane Dialogue Expansion. Shane's New Job. Shardust's Fences and Flooring. Shed Expand. Shed Replacement - Small Barn. SheiFoxy's Craftables Combo. Shen's Farmhouse Interior for Content Patcher. Shen's Wallpaper and Flooring. Ship from Inventory. Shop Expander.