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Method 1. How to Transfer Notes from PC/Mac to iCloud with

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Method 2. How to Transfer Notes from PC/Mac to iCloud with AnyTrans

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How can I copy a note from my Mac to iCloud? | AppleVis

It might have been better to post the answer directly to one of the many similar questions on this site. Do this: All devices need the New Notes upgrade to be compatible with this. Update to New Notes on each device. Tap on Edit in the upper right corner and tap on Move All in the lower left corner.

How to Move Notes Between Accounts

You should see this: Again, you won't see any of these notes until you upgrade to New Notes. This also works for migrating Gmail notes, etc. Click on "Local Notes" on left side of Notes window.

A Beginner's Guide to Mac Notes (#1518)

With mouse, drag all selected notes into "Notes" under "iCloud" on left side of Notes window. Raymond Gan Raymond Gan 3. Perhaps theres a way to use the mouse commands above to copy instead of move, but I don't know it.

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I selected all the text in the note on my Mac and copied it to a new note in iCloud. This seemed simpler than the drag-and-drop method you described. I've used that method to add mailboxes to my favorites in mail but it didn't seem worthwhile here.

Import your notes and files to the Notes app

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Twitter Facebook. This is more work than it needs to be, but it will work. Move to the notes table for the selected folder and interact. Find the note you want to move.